NCheck Bio Attendance™

Biometric system to automate employee time and attendance control

March 1st, 2017

NCheck 4.0 actually takes biometric time attendance system in to a new generation by adding Iris attendance support to fingerprint and face. More importantly NCheck Bio Attendance 4.0 benefits from many time attendance system feature additions and enhancements.

Here's some new time attendance system features and enhancements.

  • Iris biometrics support.
  • HID and Serial RFID reader support.
  • Enhanced reporting for productivity monitoring.
  • Tally ERP support



Neurotechnology provides algorithms and software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, voice and palm print recognition, computer-based vision and object recognition to security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers. More than 3,000 system integrators and sensor providers in more than 100 countries license and integrate company's technology into their own products.

With millions of customer installations worldwide, Neurotechnology's products are used for both civil and forensic applications, including border crossings, criminal investigations, systems for voter registration, verification and duplication checking, passport issuance and other national-scale projects.

With a combination of fast algorithms and high reliability, company's fingerprint, face, eye iris and voice biometric technologies can be used for access control, computer security, banking, time attendance control and law enforcement applications, among others.

Neurotechnology's fingerprint identification algorithm has shown one of the best results for reliability in several biometric competitions, including the International Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC2006, FVC2004, FVC2002 and FVC2000) and the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation for the US Department of Justice (FpVTE 2003), where Neurotechnology ranked among the top five companies for accuracy in single-finger tests.

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