Biometric Attendance

Biometric Attendance is the key requirement for today attendance management system. Biometric attendance ensures the authenticity of the attendance record. Biometric Attendance accuracy is depending on the algorithms used for biometric recognition. NCheck Bio Attendance uses industry leading Neurotechnology algorithms in Biometric Attendance. NCheck Bio Attendance uses Neurotechnology software to capture, extract and match user biometric.

NCheck Bio Attendance supports Face, Fingerprint and Iris Biometric support. You can choose the biometric authentication requirement and configure NCheck Bio Attendance to create your Biometric Attendance Management System. You can find key high level Biometric Attendance control systems that you can produced by configuring NCheck Bio Attendance.

Face Biometric Attendance

Face attendance is more convenient Biometric Attendance mechanism. NCheck Bio Attendance supports Face Biometric Attendance for more than thousand user systems with high reliability. Face Biometric attendance is convenient and cost effective. NCheck Bio Attendance software supports device inbuilt camera and low-cost USB web cameras for face Biometric Attendance.

Fingerprint Biometric Attendance

Fingerprint attendance is the most common biometric attendance methodology in attendance management. Fingerprint is reliable Biometric Attendance mechanism for several thousand users. NCheck Bio Attendance supports fingerprint Biometric Attendance. NCheck Bio Attendance, Fingerprint Biometric attendance can be used with supported fingerprint scanners.

Iris Biometric Attendance

Iris Biometric Attendance is not very common in the field. Iris Biometric Attendance is important in high accuracy and high security Biometric Attendance requirements. NCheck Bio Attendance supports Iris Biometric Attendance. Iris Biometric Attendance can be used with supporting Iris scanners.

Multi-Factor Biometric Attendance

NCheck Bio Attendance supports Multi-Factor Biometric Attendance. In Multi-Factor Biometric Attendance, it should provide an ID unique for the user and verify the authenticity by using the user’s biometric. NCheck Bio Attendance support pairing ID input devices such as Keyboard, RFID reader, barcode reader with biometric capture devices such as camera, fingerprint reader, iris scanner. By this configuration, it provides Multi-Factor Biometric attendance. Then it can be ID and Face Biometric Attendance, ID and Finger Biometric Attendance or ID and Iris Biometric Attendance