Attendance Management System Data

Attendance management data involves critical organization data. It basically has employee information and employee attendance data. In addition to them, it may use employee roster data, department information, salary information, leave information etc.

Attendance Data Security

Organizations need to protect this data from unauthorized access. Biometric Attendance system security is more important in this case. Biometric Attendance system should be able to enforce required security to protect employee biometric data. Organizations have a responsibility to protect their employee privacy from threats. Some countries and regions like European Union also have defined rules and regulations for protecting such personal information.

Attendance system availability

Organizations need to access their Attendance Management Systems from various location. Some organizations need to access their attendance management system from anywhere. Some organizations want to access only from the company internet. Same time organization wants to available attendance system data to authorized people to access from authorized locations.

Attendance Data Storage

Availability of Attendance Management system data for authorized parties and securing employee and company information is the key factors of deciding Attendance Management Data Storage.

Attendance System data can be,

  1. Stored within the organization
    1. Store within the attendance management device.
    2. Store attendance data centrally within the organization
  2. Stored securely on cloud