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Biometric attendance system seems to be an emerging trend now a days in public and private workspace for stringent attendance recording purposes. With growing vulnerability and cost issues concerning passwords and tokens, the market is witnessing an increase in the demand for biometric-based identification in workplaces and institutions to monitor employee attendance and efficiency. However, unlike, traditional attendance system, Biometric attendance system may cost little higher, but benefits are immense.

So, the question comes in mind what is an ideal Biometric time & attendance system that will suit to the organization, as the modality comes in many forms, such as fingerprint, face, iris, voice, palm vein, etc? Well, honestly, the answer is no single modality will suit or perfectly fit to the requirements. The Biometric Attendance System (BAS), which is having both contact and contact less or having more than one modality, will best fit the needs and will remain in the market.

Benefits of multi-Biometric attendance system

Firstly, it provides the flexibility to an organization to choose the modality depending on its operational needs, and employee’s check-in and check-out process. It does not bind with single Biometric. If one modality fails to identify, or for any other reason does not recognize, the other modality helps the user to check-in or out at the location without any problem.

Secondly, it provides the flexibility and leverages the user by allowing access via mobile platforms (Windows, Android Mobile, iOS, etc), as facial recognition comes to mobile smartphone. Because, face is the only modality that does not require any special hardware, like fingerprint scanner, and any Smartphone which has the built-in camera can perform this operation. So it becomes more convenient.

Thirdly, it provides greater level of accuracy and robustness. Multi biometric attendance system provides higher accuracy in the decision making by combining more than one trait from different sensors. In this way, it also creates robust system.

Finally, it enhances the security by combining more than one modality. It is difficult to spoof multi-modal Biometric system for the attackers. Some organization requires extra level of security to grant access to certain area.

To conclude the above, it can be comprehended that, multi-biometric attendance systems provide a certain degree of flexibility and benefits over the uni-modal biometric attendance system. Suppose a user enrolls into the system using several different modalities, and later at the time of authentication, he can select which modality to present depending on his convenience.

Benefits of using multi-Biometric attendance system

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