Custom Solutions for Employee Time Clock Management

Stay up to speed with your employees' attendance at the workplace courtesy of NCheck’s efficient and modern employee time clock management system - biometric identification available on premises and via the cloud. 

Harness the best way to track your workforces attendance with minimal effort through NCheck’s innovatively built face, fingerprint and iris biometric identification system. Scanning any of the available biometric modalities allows for a fast and accurate monitor of: 

  • Attendance
  • Access control
  • Working time
  • Overtime
  • Holiday time calculation

With a straightforward installation process and comprehensive reports featuring customization capabilities, NCheck’s biometric clocking system is the perfect solution for managing your workforce. 

Employee Time Clock On-Premises & Cloud Based

An ingenious turnkey solution for business’s operating in any industry - implement our biometric identification employee time clock in your operating location for a cost effective and successful way in monitoring attendance. Images of each employee's individual biometrics are uploaded and stored into the products system so when a user clocks in-and-out of work with their unique biometric modality, this image will correctly match with the prestored image and log their attendance. 

More so than ever has the prevalence of remote working been as commonplace as it is now. This provides plenty of benefits for employers and employees alike, however it does also reduce the direct overhead manageability due to not everyone being present on site location. Overcome this potential barrier by equipping NCheck’s cloud system for your business. All that is required after setting up is for your employees / users to register their attendance remotely via a free application available on iOs, Android and Windows operating systems. 

Both options are built to provide flexible data that can be exported to a range of popular payroll systems. 

A Superior Employee Time Clock System 

Our employee time clock biometric identification system trumps other available systems such as punch card clocks, digital clocks and time station software. Most other systems require either a physical entity for each clock-in and clock-out or a code to be entered. With each case it is plausible for missed or false attendances to occur via buddy punching, for example.

With NCheck’s biometric function, simply turn up and avoid the inconvenience of having to remember a card or code. Additionally, our employee time clock software can detect and recognize more than one person in a frame, helping speed up and simplify the registration process. 

For those who do not interact with the system, employees can still be identified via video stream, preventing the need to stop and wait for the camera to take a picture. 

Industry Use Cases of NCheck Employee Time Clock

Whether its generic attendance monitoring or restricting access to highly secure areas of the premises, the list of industries our software can be deployed within is endless. Some of the most popular areas our customers have reached out to us for help include: 

Get started today with a biometric employee time clock system that fits and enhances your business.