NCheck Bio Attendance Licenses and plans

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud server plans

After signing up for NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud server account, user will be offered a free subscription. After logging into the account, Administrator is allowed to change the plan as per his/her requirements. The available plan are

Table 4 NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud server subscription plans

Plan name

Number of users

Price per month(€)






€ 20



€ 43



€ 73




Licensing NCheck Bio Attendance On-premises server and Standard clients

New users are allowed to use all features for trial_period| trial period, after the expiration of trial period, users have to purchase valid NCheck Bio Attendance license. NCheck Bio Attendance license is not permitted for client applications such as NCheck Bio Attendance Lite for Windows, Android and IOS applications where users are allowed to use only basic features.

Purchasing Licenses

There are four licenses available to activate the NCheck Bio Attendance server and Standard client application such as NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows and Android.

  1. Trial license

    30 days trial period available for NCheck Bio Attendance Standard including all features. After the expiration of the trial period, it’s required to purchase a valid NCheck Bio Attendance license. The device/computer should be connected to the internet in order to validate the trial license when the NCheck Bio Attendance server or client application is started.

  2. Serial number

    Serial numbers are used to activate licenses for NCheck Bio Attendance clients. Each serial number requires activation for a SDK component to run. The activation uses internet connection. When internet connection is not possible, a serial number can be activated by sending an email. After a successful activation the network connection is not required for this licensing.


    • Activation by serial number is not suitable for virtual environments.

    • When a license was activated, client hardware cannot be changed. If hardware was updated or changed, a license should be deactivated ( page 28).

    • Generated hardware Id can be activated on Neurotechnology website.

  3. License file

    License file consist with the same features as serial numbers. But user can purchase a license file for number of users and validity period to activate the product.

  4. Internet license file

    Internet license can be stored on a computer or a mobile/embedded device. This license is constantly checked over the Internet. Internet connection should be available periodically for a short amount of time. You do not need to activate these type of licenses. Only constant internet connection for a short period of time is required to check license. Also, internet licenses can be transferred to another computer or device by moving the license file there and waiting until the previous activation expires.

  5. NCheck Bio Attendance dongle

    NCheck Bio Attendance licenses may be stored in a dongle (volume license manager), hardware-based protection lock storing purchased licenses. When licenses are saved in the USB dongle, activation may be performed without connection to the Internet and is suitable for virtual environments. The main benefits when using dongle compared to serial numbers are these:

    • One dongle can store many licenses for different Neurotechnology products.

    • Provides licenses to local devices or other devices over TCP network.

    • Dongle can be remotely updated.

    • License files can be generated offline from a dongle.

    • Licenses are not tied to device’s hardware - when one device releases a license, it can be used by another device in the same network (after certain period of time - depending on a license type this period is 15 minutes to 12 hours).

Contact our support team from for more details.

NCheck Bio Attendance License Activation

A valid license file need to be obtained in order to work with NCheck Bio Attendance server and standard clients. If the initial installation and license validation fails, NCheck Bio Attendance server and standard clients for Windows and Android will show the NCheck Bio Attendance license window as below.

Table 5 License activation for Android and Windows Clients

Windows Client

Windows licensing

Figure 35 Licensing window for NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client for Windows

Android Client

Windows licensing

Figure 36 Licensing window for NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client for Android

  • License type

    There are three license types available for NCheck Bio Attendance

    • Trial

      NCheck Bio Attendance is allowed to use for 30 days period in the trial mode. After the trial mode, NCheck Bio Attendance should be licensed. If you need to extend the trial period, please contact our support team via

    • License

      NCheck Bio Attendance license should be given as either a license file or license text. To obtain a license please contact our support team via for more details.

    • Dongle

      NCheck Bio Attendance can be activated using activation dongle. Please contact our support team via for more details.

  • Deativate license

    NCheck Bio Attendance licenses work only in a specific device on which activation was carried out (unique hardware Id for this device is generated). But in some cases a license should be stopped (deactivated) on this device and activated again. Some typical situation when licenses deactivation is required:

    • When user need to transfer the license for other device

    • Device in which license was activated is malfunctioned or hardware components such as processor or hard disk have been changed.

    • User changed a device (a computer).

    • Also it is strongly recommended to deactivate a license before reinstalling an operating system or installing a different OS version.

    Deactivation should be performed on the same device where it was activated. When you have internet connection, a license will be deactivated automatically. When a device is not connected to the internet, user will be asked a location within the device to save Deactivation ID, which can be used with the license file to deactivation uploading to the Neurotechnology web site.

    To deactivate the license,

    1. Select the Deactivate button

    2. If the device is not connected to the internet, you will be asked to select a location in the device to save the deactivation id file

    3. Upload the file with the serial number file to the Neurotechnology web site

  • Activate license

    Select the Activate button to activate NCheck Bio Attendance server.

For more details you may contact our support team from contact our support team.