Getting Started

This getting started document guide you to install NCheck Bio Attendance Server and Client on windows and perform the initial configuration of the attendance control system. You can follow below steps to install and configure the system.

  1. Install NCheck Bio Attendance server and standard client on windows

  2. Enroll users

  3. Enroll user biometrics

  4. Create user groups (Optional)

  5. Register client application

  6. Record attendance

Install NCheck Bio Attendance server and standard client on windows

System requirements

  1. Microsoft Windows 8 or higher operating system

  2. 1GB of disk space

  3. 4GB of RAM

  4. JAVA SE runtime environment 8

  5. One biometric capture device such as camera, fingerprint or iris scanner.

Download and install

NCheck Bio Attendance can be downloaded from product downloads section for 32bit and 64bit platforms.


Your windows user account should have administrative privileges to install NCheck Bio Attendance.

  • Run the installer package

    Proceed with default options provided in each step.

  • Activate NCheck Bio Attendance license

    After the successful installation, NCheck Bio Attendance installer will show the license activation window.

    NCheck licensing

    You can activate the trial for evaluation purpose. Trial activation requires permanent internet connectivity. See License activation for more details.

  • Starting NCheck Bio Attendance server

    NCheck Bio Attendance server will start automatically and server icon will be displayed in the windows tray. If the server is running without any problem, the icon will be shown in green color.

    server started
  • Finish installation and launch NCheck Bio Attendance standard client.

    completion window

Enroll users

  • Launch NCheck Bio Attendance control panel

    In the tray application, right click on the NCheck Bio Attendance server icon and select Control panel option.

    tray icon


    You can also launch control panel on a browser from server tray icon context menu or on browser with URL https://<server>:<port>. The default port is 8443.


    In the login window, provide user name and password to log in to control panel. The default username is admin and password is admin.


    NCheck Bio Attendance server interface will work with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and most common web browsers. It does not work with Internet Explorer browser.

Add user

NCheck Bio Attendance control panel, the user management section can be used to manage users.

  • Go to control panel and select User management.

    User management
  • Select Add button to create a new user.

    Add new user

Enroll user biometrics

User biometric is used to authenticate users in attendance recording.

  • Select User

    Selected user details will be shown in the user detail area.

  • Select Biometrics button

    User management biometrics

    User Biometric data dialog can be used to manage user biometric. It allows adding biometrics

    • Capture from devices such as camera and fingerprint reader using NCheck Bio Attendance client applications.

    • From files

    • From event history

    Add biometrics

Create user groups (Optional)

User group represents multiple users. To create the user group,

  • Select User group management in the control panel.

    All user groups
  • Select Add button User group detail dialog is shown.

    Add user groups
  • Select Edit button Select users for the user group.

    Add users to user group

Register client application

The Client application is required to register with the server to perform attendance recording. To register a client application

  • Generate registration code

    • Go to user group management in control panel

    • Select a user group

      Register user group
    • Select register devices button

      It will show the device registration dialog for the user group.


      See Register NCheck Bio Attendance Clients section for more details.

      Register device
  • Register client application

    • Launch NCheck Bio Attendance standard client

      It should show the device registration window.

    • Select On-premises option

    • Enter registration token

    • Search or enter server user in <server:<port> format. When the server is running in the same computer, it can use localhost:<port>. Default port number is 8443.

    • Select the Connect button to register.

    • Successful registration, the client application is ready for attendance recording

Record attendance

  • NCheck Bio Attendance Lite for Windows, Android and IOS

    • Attach a camera compatible with the NCheck Bio Attendance as mentioned System requirements if it is not available.

    • Face to the camera directly and select the capture button when the preview is available with the device.

  • NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows and Android

    • Attach a compatible biometric device(face, fingerprint or iris) with the NCheck Bio Attendance as mentioned System requirements if it is not available with the device.

    • Let the NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client to capture the biometric after present employee biometric to the device.

  • View rrcorded attendances

    Select Evenetlog management to view all recorded events.