Entertainment destinations like movie theaters, amusement parks, carnivals and public parks are getting over-crowded during holidays and weekends. Visitors want to enjoy the place/movie and as an organization very few visitor details required, like name and age.

With NCheck Visitor management, system can offer simple form with just name and age, and proceed to buy tickets. Visitors can book the tickets online and print them, or from the kiosk device at gate they can book tickets. Printing ticket can be configured via external printer connected to kiosk. At the entrance, visitor can scan the ticket with the device. If the ticket is marked as paid, they will get access.

  • 1secure-visitor Management: Have schedule per event/movie/location
    Management should create multiple schedules per event/movie or location to allow visitors to book themselves.
  • 2secure-visitor Visitor: select an event/movie/location and place booking
    Visitor can book from online site, and also use the kiosk device located at the premises. If the site have multiple locations, multiple kisok devices can be configured to book only specific schedule. After booking, ticket is been issued and visitor need to pay it. Cashier will mark the ticket as paid (set to completed).
  • 3secure-visitor It's fun time!
    After payment, ticket will be valid to enter the premises. When visitor need to leave, he/she can leave any time.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Visitor Management system

Key Features

The NCheck Visitor Management system has a number of powerful features designed to provide convenient and secure experience for all visitors while reducing the visitor management complexity and burden on employees. Our system has many features including:

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