1How I can try NCheck Bio Attendance?
You can register and use free for unlimited time cloud subscription (up to 5 users) or alternatively download and install the trial version, which is free of charge for 30 days.
2How can I upgrade my trial version to paid version?
For NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud, just sign in and upgrade your subscription.

For NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises, purchase and install the paid version in the trial version installed previously.
Please contact our support team for help.
3Can I use the data from trial version in the paid version?
Yes, you can continue using the data collected during the trial period.

NCheck Bio Attendance usage

1What are the requirements for software and hardware?
The system can run on all Windows PCs, Windows tablets and Android devices (for iOS only client application for employees/users is available). A camera is needed to perform face identification. The system supports webcams and built-in cameras. For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner. Supported devices are listed here . Upon connection, supported scanners and camera devices are detected and configured automatically.
2Is it necessary to have an internet connection to use NCheck Bio Attendance?
On-Premises paid version can run without internet connection. Internet connection is needed for activating the license, for using a trial version and for Cloud version.
3What is the difference between NCheck Standard, NCheck Server and NCheck Lite?
NCheck Standard - fully functional time and attendance application with all three available modalities (face, finger, iris).

NCheck Server is suitable for usage on your selected server and performs as central database (includes web for administrator).

NCheck Lite is a simple and free for unlimited time application, which is an addition to paid products. It is suitable only for user identification (check-in/check-out) by face.
4What happens in case of connectivity failure (if you run NCheck Bio Attendance on your server)?
You can configure devices for running in the offline mode. When the server is disconnected, device can still perform employee identification locally and record the attendance. The attendance terminal software updates the data collected offline as soon as connects with the server again.

Employee management

1How I can enroll employees?
You need to connect to the control panel as the administrator and use the functionality provided to manage enrollment of employees.
2How I can import employee data?
User Management page in the control panel has an option for importing employee data from a CSV file.
3How I can export attendance data to HR system?
Control panel allows generating reports and exporting the report data as a CSV file, which can be imported to your HR system.
4What if employee forgot to mark his attendance?
Control panel allows administrators to edit, delete and manually add attendance records.
5Is it possible to cheat the system with face images?
NCheck Bio Attendance has a liveness detection feature, which guarantees that a real person is in front of the camera.
6Is it possible to block employee from recording attendance?
Yes, administrator can block and unblock employees.
7Is it possible to apply check-in/check-out location restrictions for employees?
Yes, location restrictions can be applied for employee or employees group by administrator, so that it would be possible to mark attendance only in allowed areas.
8Can employee mark the attendance with the personal device?
Yes, it is possible to use personal Windows, Android and iOS devices to mark the attendance (only face modality). Employee can download a free NCheck Lite app here and ask administrator to register his/her device.