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NCheck VMS
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Biometric Visitor Management System Benefits

For the institution
  • Security - visitors are authenticated before entering the premises, hence only authorized access is ensured.

  • Appointment booking with no hassle - the system automatically manages slots.

  • Increase efficiency of attendance monitoring - the use of passive identification using surveillance cameras enables large workforces to be monitored with ease.

For the user
  • Convenience - easy to make appointments from anywhere and at any time.

  • Automatic alerts - system will remind you about the appointments, in case you forgot about it.

  • Contactless check-in - multimodal scanning offers a more hygienic solution to get access to the premises.

NCheck Visitor Management System Server


Biometric visitor authentication and management system with access control as a cloud service.

  • Monthly subscription
  • Subscription price is based on visitor count
  • Free subscription supports up to 5 appointments
  • Support NCheck Visitor Management client
  • No need to worry about server installation and no maintenance is needed


Biometric visitor authentication and management system with access control that can be hosted on your own premises.

  • One time purchase
  • Need to install the server by your own
  • No limitation on appointment count
  • Support NCheck Visitor Management client
  • Customer has freedom to install and configure the Biometric visitor management system server

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Biometric Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Systems Features

Our experienced and highly skilled team have developed a biometric VMS software that is packed full of unique features to take your businesses visitor management to the next level

Applications and Industries

No matter your type of business or the industry that your company operates in, NCheck biometric visitor management systems can be successfully integrated into various businesses and institutions

Frequently asked questions

1Does the Visitor Management System support Cloud?
2Can it be deployed on Mobile platform?

Yes, NCheck Visitor Management client for Windows and Android provides the following visitor management functions

  • Visitor walk-in registration kiosk
  • Visitor biometric attendance and access control
  • Visitor information display
  • Visitor assistant
3Is it a contactless and paper free system?

Our system is contactless and paper free.

  • Biometric only walk-in registration using facial recognition or contactless iris/fingerprint capture devices.
  • Online registration support to register from visitors own device
  • Notification email of Visitor pass or QR code to use if required
  • Visitor registration with their own RFID Identity card
4Is the system customizable with no or little charges?
Yes, the system is highly configurable for different requirements. Any customer specific requirements can be added with an extension without compromizing any future product update capabilities.
5Is the system scalable?
The NCheck Visitor Management system is based on microservices and can be scaled according to project size.

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