Employee Work hour integration with QuickBook Desktop

NCheck Bio Attendance reports allow you to export Daily total work hour report in “Intuit Import File” (IIF) format. To import daily work hours of employees (Employee worksheet) in to QuickBook Desktop follow below steps.

Total work hours report integration with QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Login to NCheck control panel and go to reports.
  2. Choose report type as “Total work hours” and “Calculated by” as “Daily”.
  3. Then you can see the “QB” button under Export buttons.
  4. Select the required date range and refresh the report.
  5. Select “QB” button to export worksheet in IIF format.

The result file format looks like below image. Once it is done then the Report is ready to be imported.

QuickBook exported IIF file

Before start importing worksheet to Quickbook, you need to do following changes in the exported IIF file

  1. Change the Company name and company file create time (Highlighted in yellow color)you can find the company name and company file create time from an IIF file exported from your Qucikbook system. For example, you can export Timer List from Quckbook using File>Utilities>Export>Timer Lists. Exported Timer List IIF file header will have the company name and company file created time.
  2. Make sure that the values in JOB, ITEM, PROJ, NOTE and BILLINGSTATUS columns are acceptable values for your QuickBook system. You can change those values according to your QuickBook system. Short description of those column data is below.
    • JOB – The name of the customer (or job). If you’re entering the name of a job, enter the customer’s name followed by a colon followed by the name of the job. Both the customer and the job names must also be on your Customers & Jobs list (CUST).
    • ITEM – The name of the service item. The service item must also be on your Item list (INVITEM).
    • PROJ – The QuickBooks class assigned to the activity (classes give you a way to group activities in meaningful ways in time reports). The Class must also be on your Class list (CLASS).
    • NOTE – You may enter up to 1000 characters.
    • BILLINGSTATUS – Indicates the billing status. Enter one of these values: 0 – not billable, 1 – Not billed, 2 – Billed

Now your worksheet IIF is ready to import in to QuickBook. Go to File>Utilities>Import>Timer Activities to import the worksheet IIF file. Once data is imported, a Timer Import Data report will be shown the data which was extracted.