Employee Work Hour Integration with Tally ERP system

Tally ERP uses Attendance Voucher to record employee’s attendance data, based on Attendance/Production types (i.e., present or absent days, overtime hours and so on).

An Attendance Voucher allows you to record the attendance/ production units for employees. Tally ERP gives you the flexibility to enter the attendance records through a single attendance voucher for a payroll period, or through multiple attendance vouchers as and when required within a payroll period. You also have the option of recording one attendance/ production voucher per employee per day or collectively for a month or any other variation thereof for all the employees.

NCheck Bio Attendance can export attendance records in daily, weekly or monthly using Total Work Hours report. A Total Work Hours Report data can be imported to tally as a single Attendance Voucher. If the attendance data is imported in daily basic, it will create multiple attendance vouchers for a given pay period. If Attendance data is imported weekly, monthly or user selected period, it will create a single attendance voucher for a given pay period.

NCheck Bio Attendance can export Total Work Hours report in to an Excel file. Tally provides a TDL extension for Importing Payroll Data which includes a User Manual. Total Work Hours exported to excel from NCheck Bio Attendance can be imported to Tally Payroll Vouchers using this Payroll Data Import TDL extension from Excel files. Please use following procedure to export attendance data to Tally ERP system.

    1. Make sure that Tally System attendance/Production Payroll units are defined in hours
    2. Configure Total Work Hours report based on you pay cycle and payroll data import cycle to the tally system.
      1. Select daily report and one date period in “From” and “To” fields to import attendance data in daily basis as multiple attendance vouchers per pay cycle in Tally System.
      2. Select Weekly, Monthly or Selected Range (For fortnight) to import attendance one in a pay cycle as a single Attendance Voucher.
    3. Make sure that all employees in exported excel are configured properly in the Tally ERP System.
    4. Manually adjust the exported excel file to make ready for import in to Tally
      1. Open exported Work Hours Report.
      2. Delete columns other than “Name” and “Work Hours (DEC)” columns.
      3. Add new “Attendance/Production Type” column after “Name” column. Assign Attendance/Production Type name defined in the Tally System. Ex: Attendance.
      4. Rename “Name” column to “Employee Name” (Optional).
      5. Rename “Work Hours (DEC)” column to “Attendance Value” (optional).

Note – Use “Overtime Hours (DEC)” Column instead of “Work Hours (DEC)” column to import overtime hours.

  1. Import Payroll data according to the User Manual – Import Payroll Data

The result file look like as following Figure. Once it is done then the Report is ready to be imported.

Preparing excel sheet to import in to Tally ERP