NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud or NCheck Bio Attendance Standard?

Which attendance control product is suitable for your business. To take a decision to select cloud biometric attendance solution or biometric attendance control system software, consider following basic recommendation based on typical customer needs. If you feel that you need to consult an expert, please send us your requirements. we'll recommend the right selection for your attendance control system requirement.

Select NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud if you,

  • Need to start employee attendance quickly without setting up any system or software.
  • Need to minimize the attendance control system maintenance and management
  • Manage and use the attendance control system from anywhere using a web browser

Select NCheck Bio Attendance Standard if you,

  • Employee biometric and other attendance control system data are needed to be stored in house.
  • Barcode, RFID will be used in the attendance control system.
  • Fingerprint and Iris attendance will be used in the system.
  • Installation and maintenance of the attendance control system can be managed by yourself.

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