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NCheck Cloud Typical System Configuration

To getting started, first thing to do is create an account on NCheck Cloud. After registering your account, you can install NCheck Cloud Attendance android app in an Andrid device and regsiter the app for a user or a user group. When it's registered to a user, only the registered user can perform clocking from that device. If the device registered to a user group, all users in that particular group can use it for clocking. So, you can create several user groups and register the client devices into those groups to assign seperate clocking devices for each section/ department in your workforce.

For executive level employees or trusted users, you can ask them to use NCheck Personal ID app in their smartphones. NCheck Personal ID support Android and iOS devices. After registering each personal device in the system, users can take a selfie from the app and mark thir attendance or departure. This app will also provide work hour summary report for themselves.

Getting Started

Cloud Attendance App

NCheck Cloud Android mobile face attendance application is available in google play store . It can be installed and used in any android smartphone or tablet. It is free. Download and install your android mobile face attendance application with geo location tracking now.

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