NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Android

This is the official Android client app of NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud. You can Freely download this app from Google Play. To install this app, you can use any Android device with Android version 4.4 or later version, and it should have a front camera. The primary function of this app is record attendance using captured employee faces.

NCheck bio Attendance Cloud for Android can be installed in any compatible phones and tablet devices. This app can be registered to a user or a user group defined in the NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud control panel. Face attendance is the main biometric authentication mechanism. Employee should have face images added before to get identified by the app. You can add face images from User management -> Biometric section. Employees can start the application and take a selfie picture to make an attendance record. User group registered devices also work as same.

Multi-face attendance mode

NCheck Cloud Android app supports multiple face recognition from a single captured image. This feature will be useful when you need to get attendance of group of employees, group of students etc. To use this feature, you need to enable "Multi-face feature" from the capture screen. When It's enabled, after capturing a picture it will display multi-face view, that will display who is identified and who is not.

Enable multi-face mode

Review and record attendance (Click to view larger image)

If the application failed to identify required people in the captured image, You can use "Capture" option to capture a new image.

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Android comes with following features and benefits:
  • Support single user and user group mode for attendance tracking.
  • Support multi-face attendance mode for mark attendance of group of people in a single capture.
  • Use device integrated webcam to capture face images
  • Log in facility for administrators: after log in, administrators can perform user, user group and event management.
  • Easy to install and use


NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud is a FREE app available from Google Play

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Face capture view