NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Windows

This is the official Windows client application for NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud. The basic functionality is similar to NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud Android app. All existing and new subscribers can use this application. Same as the Android app, you need a registration token that can be generated from user management or user group management section. Install and run the application. You can register with the application using a registration token. Then your PC will be registered as a device in NCheck Cloud Attendance and can be seen under devices section.

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Windows available as a FREE version and a Premium version. The Premium version has advanced client side features than FREE version. You can download trial version of NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud Windows client premium from downloads section. It's a fully-featured 30-day trial. You can buy licenses to use it continuously after trial period.

Premium Version Buy Now

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Windows Premium client has live face detection and extraction feature to enhances the user experience. It uses Neurotechnology latest algorithms to perform client side face detection and extraction. When looking at the camera, employee face will be detected automatically and template extraction is performed in the application itself. Face identification using extracted template speeds up the check in check out.

FREE Version

In FREE version, employee need to click or touch the "Capture" button to capture a face and employee identification is happen on NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud server. It does not include live face detection feature, but all other features are remain same.

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for Windows comes with following features and benefits:

  • Extra features that are not available in standard web interface
  • Use standard webcams or integrated device webcam
  • Contact-less attendance with automatic face capturing. [Premium version only]
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Modern UI theme


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Screenshots [FREE version]

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Registration step

Camera view

Application information

Screenshots [Premium version]

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Capture View

Successful Check-in

Successful Check-out