Attendance Reports

Attendance reports are important feature in an attendance control system. Attendance reports are used by the management in taking various decisions. It starts from day to day employee attendance to the organization overall productivity. Therefore, the attendance reports are important in measuring employee performance as well as the organization performance.

Following reports are provided with current version of NCheck Bio Attendance products:

  1. Employee details
  2. Log details with location
  3. Total work hours
  4. Monthly summary
  5. Productivity report
  6. Absentee report
  7. Late check-out report
  8. Late check-in report

Employee attendance Reports

Important basic reports in attendance are daily attendance reports and weekly or monthly attendance reports. NCheck Bio Attendance provides following basic reports to full fill these basic needs.

  • Event Report
  • Work hour summary

Events Report

Event Reports are used by duty managers to monitor employee daily work pattern. Depend on the type of the work and organization procedures, employee check in and check out pattern is defined. Organization can use event reports to monitor employee individual check in and check out. Some organizations have very relaxed attendance policy and some organization has very tight attendance policies. Employee timely attendance is important in critical business operations. Organization can view employee work pattern from event reports. It shows employee check in time, lunch break, check out, extra break etc.

Work hour summary

Work hour summary report is important in daily operations as well as monthly or weekly operations. Work hour report mainly provides the number hours worked by each employee. Number of work hours are mainly used in employee salary calculation. Employee work hour calculation can be different from organization to organization. If employees work additional work hours, such extra work hours can be taken as over time and add additional payment to the employee salary. In some employments, additional work hours may be considered as non-productive.

NCheck Bio Attendance work hour summary report provides flexible work hour summary report covering following data:

  • Work hours
  • Overtime hours

Work hour calculation methodology is changed from organization to organization and for also different jobs. NCheck Bio Attendance provides a flexible work hour report calculation methodology through shift configuration settings. There are several parameters in shift configuration such as work hours, start time, end time, check out start, check out end, maximum over time hours. They are used to manage the work hour report calculation methodology.

Productivity report

Productivity report goes beyond the work hour summary and provides additional information about employee work. This information is very important in employee performance. This report summarizes and present other information reflected in employee attendance. In this report it considers employee negative attendance behaviors such as late arrival, early departures, extra breaks, absences and employee positive behaviors such as timely or early attendance, extra work. These negative factors affect employee performance negative and positive factors affects employee performance positive. Productivity report summarize this information and provides:

  • Productive Hours
  • Non- Productive Hours
  • Late arrivals
  • Early Departures
  • Absent count

Organizations can use this report in measuring employee performance and their motivation plans. They are also used in employee salary calculations to add additions additional productivity.

Productivity hours and non-productive hours calculation policies are different from organization to organization. NCheck Bio Attendance provides a flexible productivity report calculation policy through shift configuration settings. There are several parameters in shift configuration such as work hours, check in end, check out start, maximum over time hours are used to manage the productivity report calculation policy.

Productive work hours

Productive work hours are the number work hours during the work time of a shift. It is always within the shift work hours. Some organizations have flexible work hours. When the shift work time is bigger than the shift work hours, flexible work hours are there and working at any time becomes productive. Therefore, defining work hours, start of the work and end of the work can be used to define the productive hour calculation.

Nonproductive work hours

Employee attendance time out of the work time is nonproductive work hours. Nonproductive work hours are usually not important for payroll and accounting. But they are important in employee performance. For some organization, nonproductive hours are negative factor in employee performance. But for some organizations like research and development or technology development companies, it can consider as a positive factor in employee performance.

Late arrival

When it is required to attend the work before starting work, late arrivals are considered. In such jobs, late arrival affects the overall performance of the job. Late arrival hours are the time between actual arrival and the start time of the work. If late arrival is frequently happening, the late arrival count goes up. High average late arrival hours and late arrival count are negative in employee performance and the organization productivity. Organization can control late arrival by changing shift settings. Check in end time can be set to control the late arrival of employees.

Early Departure

Early departure is not a usual behavior of employment. Event late arrival is acceptable, early departures are happening due to exceptional cases. If there are frequent early departures, the management pay attention make some corrective actions. Organizations can control early departures by defining shift check out start time.


Absentees are those who are not available in the work time. In Daily operations, absentees are used in managing present work load. It can also be used in planning employee motivation for productivity improvements.

All reports can be exported as PDF, CSV (comma delimited format) and Excel (NCheck Bio Attendance Standard only).

Schedule report export

This feature allows users to export selected reports in a specified time and email them to given recipients.