Payroll and human resource management system support

Attendance system data of an organization is used by other systems and other systems need to share their information with attendance control system. Below is a summary of information available from the attendance control system to your payroll system, human resource management system or any other third-party software.

  1. Employee information
  2. Employee work hours
  3. Employee attendance time
  4. Shifts and rosters
  5. Productivity reports

Attendance control software also can use information from other system. For example, some organization can plan employee work and share the shift and roster information with the attendance control system. Below is a list of information that can be imported to NCheck Bio Attendance from external systems.

  • Employee Information
  • Employee groups
  • Shifts and Rosters

Data Integration formats

Most usual format of data integration between attendance system and other systems is comma separated value (CSV) files, Excel files and XML files are also used in data integration. Following data formats are supported with NCheck Bio Attendance

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) files (Export and Import)
  • Excel (Export only)
  • PDF (Export only)

Importing data

Importing data from external systems or NCheck Bio Attendance back up/exported data is supported by NCheck Bio Attendance. NCheck Bio Attendance provides sample templates for importing different data such as employee information, shifts and rosters etc. They can be used to export external system data and import in to NCheck bi Attendance.

Exporting data

Exporting NCheck Bio Attendance data to use in external systems can be done by individual data export as well as from reports. NCheck Bio Attendance data export facility mainly allow to export employee information, group information and shifts & rosters. They can be either used to import in to NCheck Bio Attendance itself or external systems.

Most important data for external systems such as payroll and human resource management systems are attendance data and work hour reports. Most of popular payroll systems accepts daily work hours. Some payroll systems can also use weekly or monthly work hours or raw attendance data. IN data integration process, it need to have the integrity of some of common information in the attendance system and other system. They are employee information, user group information, shift and roster information etc. In such cases, integration data such as work hours or raw attendance data should have common references. NCheck Bio Attendance can refer employee name or employee code in work hour and attendance data integration.

NCheck Bio Attendance provide full support for several payroll, human resource management and accounting software. QuickBook Desktop and Tally ERP are two of most popular supporting software.