How to capture a face properly for best results

Based on the lighting conditions available, face identification and verification might fail. To be identified at the first attempt, you need to face towards the device camera and light source should be in front of your face. With this conditions camera will capture properly lightened good quality image.

Figure: Good lighting condition is required for best results in face identification and verification.

There are several things to consider when setting up a public attendance device for attendance tracking.

  • Light source direction
  • Properly facing to the camera
Light source should be in front of the user so employee face is lighted properly. This can be done by placing the device near a window or similar place where natural light condition is good. If you can't find such place, you can place an artificial light source in front of the employee face, but should not directly hit into employee face which will be inconvenient to user.

For an example, if you are going to mount the attendance device on a wall, we recommend to have a light source above that device, just like this illustration.

Most of the devices have in-built webcams, so no need to look at the webcam intentionally. Looking at the camera preview will be sufficient to take a proper face image. But if you are using a seperate webcam or IP camera/ Surveillance camera you need to instruct employees to look at the camera, otherwise proper identification will not happen.