Use as a Face-based Access Control system

In large scale companies where huge number of employees report for daily work, tracking employee attendance and providing access control mechanism will be a complex situation. Lagacy access control systems like RFID tag/card authentication provide less secure approach because any stolen tag/card always open a security vulnerability. In contrast, NCheck Bio Attendance Standard software can be used to avoid such complexities and provide attendance recording and access control facility at the same time.

NCheck Bio Attendance Standard software support executing external executable or a web URI on an event. This can be like a driver software, which used to give commands to hardware (eg. a relay unit). Then that hardware can control a door/gate to provide access for an authenticated person.

Getting started with NCheck Bio Attendance as an Access-Control system

  1. You need one PC running Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system to be configured in server mode and two or three devices (depending on your requirement) to be confugured as clients. (Should run Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 or Android 4.4+. It will be convenient if you selected tablet devices/PC's as clients.)
  2. You will need to develop an application to perform specific task. Executing that application should do what you expected, like open a gate/door or send an email etc.
  3. Download and install NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows in your selected PC. For other devices, you may install NCheck Bio Attendance Standard Windows or Android versions, based on the devices you selected.
  4. You can choose to install trial or non-trial version. Trial software include all featurs in non-trial software, but it's limited to 30 days. After trial period you should purchase non-trial version.

  5. Change the server configuration to work with remote clients. From the bottom bar of the application, change the application mode to accept remote clients. Server IP will be your computer's IP address. You can use any port which is not used by the operating system (Default - 443).
  6. Log in to the control panel. You will be prompted to enter a password. Default password is empty. So you can log in by just clicking "Login"
  7. Add employees and add biometric information (Face, Finger or Iris). In most cases, face recognition is the more efficient way. Iris recognition is more suitable for high-security areas.
  8. Configure NCheck Bio Attendance Standard clients to use the server PC. Go to settings of each app and give your server's PI and port. There's an option to search available servers over the network. It will also recognize your server PC.
  9. NCheck Windows settings
    (top bar > settings)
    NCheck Android settings
    (option menu > settings > connection settings)
  10. Configure each client device to execute external executable.
    • Log in to NCheck Bio Attendance Standard app control panel. Select "Client Devices" tab.
    • Double click or "Edit" the device you need to configure
    • Select "External Executables" tab and add external executable information.
    • You can specify some event related information to be passed as parameters for the executable.
    • Configure an external executable for selected client device
      (Control panel > Client devices)

    Refer NCheck Bio Attendance Standard documentation for a complete guide on this feature.