Use-case for mid-sized companies (100 employees, 3 check-in devices, NCheck Personal ID)

For middle-sized enterprises with approximately 100 users, NCheck Bio Attendance Standard and NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud both can be used. You can select either product based on your interest and requirements.

If you choose to continue with NCheck Bio Attendance cloud, you can select the subscription PLAN 100 with maximum 100 users limit. You will need several android devices to be used as termial devices. Number of devices will depend on the size of your office premise (Number of floors, departments, Stores located far ). Those devives should be any Android device with Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19). You can install NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance app from Play Store.

Compare and contrast

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud NCheck Bio Attendance Standard
Monthly Subscription One time purchase of the software
Subscription price is based on user count. No user limitation
Support all modern web browsers, NCheck Cloud Attendance app available for Android platform and NCheck Personal ID app available for Android and iOS. NCheck Bio Attendance Standard version requires Windows 7, 8 and 10 platforms or Android 4.4+. NCheck Personal ID app available for Android and iOS.
Cloud based service. Need an internet connection. (Offline attendance recording and syncronization is supported by Android app) Standalone application. Internet connection is not needed, but local network connectivity required if android client app/ NCheck personal ID is using. Recording events offline is supported by both Android and Windows applications.
Supports Face biometrics Support Face, Finger and Iris biometrics
Face biometrics information will kept in our secure cloud servers Face, Fingerprint and Iris Biometric information will be stored in your computer.
Support location tracking and geo-fencing Support location tracking and geo-fencing
Provide comprehensive reporting for most employee management operations. Export data into popular report formats (PDF, CSV) available. Provide comprehensive reporting for most employee management operations. Export data into popular report formats (PDF, CSV, Excel) available. Payroll system integration is possible with QuickBooks Desktop and Tally ERP system (more info.).

Getting Started with NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud

  1. Go to NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud website and create an account. You will create a free account and it will be limited to 5 users.
  2. Log in to your account, from dashboard, go to control panelsubscription tab and change the subscription to PLAN 100
  3. We don't ask payment information when you changing current subscription. For an uninterrupted service, please settle the invoice at the end of each billing period (usually end of each month). We accept payments via PayPal, so we don't need your credit card information.

  4. Add employees from User management section. Add face biometrics for each employee from biometrics section. You can use a webcam or previously taken photograph for that.
  5. Create user groups as per your requirement from User group management tab and add employees relevant to each group
  6. Create a device registration code for elected group (Register devicesGenerate) and use it to register a device. Only users attached to that user group will allowed to check-in/check-out from that device.
  7. Now the system is ready! Place the device (eg. mount on a wall) near the entrance/ exit so employees can use it for mark their clockin event.

If you need a standalone application running in a local computer, you can proceed with NCheck Bio Attendance Standard windows application. You will need to buy several NCheck installations, one installation should work in server mode and others should work as client mode. For client installations, you can choose NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for windows or Android. Those client devices should have a webcam attached or in-built with device.

Getting Started with NCheck Bio Attendance Standard

  1. You need one PC running Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system to be configured in server mode and two or three devices (depending on your requirement) to be confugured as clients. (Should run Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 or Android 4.4+. It will be convenient if you selected tablet devices/PC's as clients.)
  2. Download and install NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows in your selected PC. For other devices, you may install NCheck Bio Attendance Standard Windows or Android versions, based on the devices you selected.
  3. You can choose to install trial or non-trial version. Trial software include all featurs in non-trial software, but it's limited to 30 days. After trial period you should purchase non-trial version.

  4. Change the server configuration to work with remote clients. From the bottom bar of the application, change the application mode to accept remote clients.
  5. NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows - Configure the software to accept and connect with remote clients.
  6. Log in to the control panel. You will be prompted to enter a password. Default password is empty. So you can log in by just clicking "Login"
  7. Add employees and add biometric information (Face, Finger or Iris). In most cases, face recognition is the more efficient way. Iris recognition is more suitable for high-security areas.
  8. Configure NCheck Bio Attendance Standard clients to use the server PC. Go to settings of each app and give your server's PI and port. There's an option to search available servers over the network. It will also recognize your server PC.
  9. NCheck Windows settings
    (top bar > settings)
    NCheck Android settings
    (option menu > settings > connection settings)
  10. You can see attendance data and reports from control panel and web interface of NCheck Bio Attendance standard. You can access web interface from top of the control panel. It will open the website in default web browser. When remote clients setting is enabled, website can access from any PC within the network. Just use the server name/ IP address as the URL.