Use-case for small companies (20 employees, one device)

For small companies, start-ups and regional branches with small number of employees, NCheck Bio Attendance Standard and Cloud versions both can be used. If the employee count is less than 5, you can use NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud free of charge!

If you choose to continue with NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud, you can select the subscription PLAN 20 with maximum 20 users limit. Assuming all employees work in a single office or location, you will need one attendance device to be used as an attendance terminal. It can be any Android device with Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19). You can install NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance app from Play Store and then it's a ready-to-use attendance device.

Compare and contrast

NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud NCheck Bio Attendance Standard
Monthly Subscription One time purchase of the software
Subscription price is based on user count. No user limitation
Cloud based service. Need an internet connection. (Offline attendance recording and syncronization is supported by Android app) Standalone application. Internet connection is not needed, but local network connectivity required if android client app/ NCheck personal ID is using. Recording events offline is supported by both Android and Windows applications.
Supports Face biometrics Support Face, Finger and Iris biometrics
Face biometrics information will kept in our secure cloud servers Face, Fingerprint and Iris Biometric information will be stored in your computer.
Support location tracking and geo-fencing Support location tracking and geo-fencing
Provide comprehensive reporting for most employee management operations. Export data into popular report formats (PDF, CSV) available. Provide comprehensive reporting for most employee management operations. Export data into popular report formats (PDF, CSV, Excel) available. Payroll system integration is possible with QuickBooks Desktop and Tally ERP system (more info.).

Getting Started with NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud

  1. Go to NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud website and create an account. You will create a free account and it will be limited to 5 users.
  2. Log in to your account, from dashboard, go to control panelsubscription tab and change the subscription to PLAN 20
  3. We don't ask payment information when you changing current subscription. For an uninterrupted service, please settle the invoice at the end of each billing period (usually end of each month). We accept payments via PayPal, so we don't need your credit card information.

  4. Add employees from User management section.
  5. Create a user group from User group management and add all all employees to that group
  6. Create a device registration code for created group (Register devicesGenerate) and use it to register your device.
  7. Ask your employees to face the device camera and click the button to mark attendance. They will not identified by the system. Login to NCheck Cloud website and go to control panelUser ManagementBiometrics for each user and add relevant image for that user from "Enroll from History" option. Alternatively, you can upload a photograph of employee face using "browse" option.
  8. Now the system is ready! Ask employees to check-in from the device again to verify whether they identified by the system properly.

If you need a standalone application running in a local computer, you can proceed with NCheck Bio Attendance Standard windows application. It has a Kiosk Mode that works just like an attendance console. You need a standard webcam or a supported fingerprint or iris scanner for making attendance.

Getting Started with NCheck Bio Attendance Standard

  1. Download and install NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows. For that your computer should run Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system.
  2. You can choose to install trial or non-trial version. Trial software include all featurs in non-trial software, but it's limited to 30 days. After trial period you should purchase non-trial version.

  3. Log in to the control panel. You will be prompted to enter a password. Default password is empty. So you can log in by just clicking "Login"
  4. Add employees and add biometric information (Face, Finger or Iris). In most cases, face recognition is the more efficient way. Iris recognition is more suitable for high-security areas.
  5. Log out from the control panel and enter "Kiosk Mode". Now employees can perform check-in and check-out.
  6. You can see attendance data and reports from control panel and web interface of NCheck Bio Attendance Standard. You can access web interface from top of the control panel. It will open the website in default web browser. If NCheck is configured to work in network mode, This website is accessible from any device connected with the same network.