NCheck Bio Attendance is a biometric time and attendance managements system. It is used to manage and control the employee attendance. NCheck Bio Attendance is easy and convenient attendance recording for employees and simplify the employee attendance management. Following features are available with NCheck Bio Attendance.

  1. Web based attendance system administration and configuration

  2. Running on Android, iOS and windows

  3. Use of devices available in the market (No special hardware)

  4. Face, Fingerprint and Iris biometric

  5. RFID, Barcode and manual ID

  6. Use of integrated camera for face recognition

  7. Configurable with IP camera

  8. Support many fingerprint scanning devices available in the market

  9. Configurable employee attendance authentication with ID, biometric or ID+Biometric

  10. Automatic or Manual In/Out selection

  11. Configurable day start time

  12. Work shift

  13. Work Rosters

  14. Configurable work time

  15. Configurable overtime

  16. In/Out time restriction

  17. Attendance location data collection

  18. Unidentified attempts

  19. Geo fencing

  20. Attendance location map

  21. Configurable report generation

  22. PDF and CSV reports

  23. Multilingual support

  24. Scheduling report generation and delivery

  25. Duplicate biometric detection

  26. Employee group

  27. Group administrators

  28. Read only administrators (Auditors)

  29. Admin operation logs

  30. CSV data import and export

  31. Employee self-service login

  32. Event administration

  33. Attendance device management

  34. In/out restriction

  35. Door lock/external events trigger

  36. Offline attendance (Attendance recording while no connection to the server)