This getting started document guide you to setup your NCheck Bio Attendance system and perform the initial configuration of the attendance control system. You can follow below steps to setup and configure the system and start attendance recording.

  1. Planning your attendance management system

  2. Start the attendance management system

  3. Set up attendance management system

  4. Launch web control panel

  5. Set up client devices

Planning your attendance management system

NCheck Bio Attendance can support employee time attendance of any organization from small office to large multi-site organizations. It is scalable from a single standalone device to thousands of devices distributed in multiple locations. Therefore, it provides following deployment options. Deployment option is differentiate based on the place attendance data storage.

Table 1 NCheck Bio Attendance deployment options

Deployment Option

Place of attendance data


Cloud Subscription

NCheck Bio Attendance cloud

IT Expertise are not needed

On Premises

NCheck Bio Attendance on-premises server

Additional overhead on system maintenance


NCheck Bio Attendance Standard Application

Simple cost-effective solution for small office

Start the attendance management system

Starting a NCheck Bio Attendance biometric attendance management system prepares the attendance system database and the service to communicate with NCheck Bio Attendance clients. NCheck Bio Attendance database and the service can be set up

  1. Cloud - In NCheck Bio Attendance cloud service

  2. On-premises – NCheck Bio Attendance server installed in your place.

  3. Standalone – With the client application

Start an attendance management system with Cloud


Figure 1 NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud sign up completion view


Figure 2 NCheck Bio Attendance sign up view

  1. Go to NCheck Bio Attendance web site.

  2. Select Sign up button

  3. In the signup page, include

    1. your name

    2. Your company/organization name

    3. Email

    4. Select signup button

  4. In the next step, you will be asked to verify the email address. A verification code will be sent to the email address you have given above. Enter the verification number in the email and select verify button to verify the given email. Optionally, you can use the verification link in the email to verify your email.

  5. After the email address is verified, enter additional details as below. Accept the terms and conditions and select register button to complete.


    Figure 3 NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud subscription email verification completion view

  6. After successful registration, you will be asked to login to the NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud account shown as Figure 4


    Figure 4 NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud sign up completion view


Free plan will be assigned to your NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud subscription. You can change the plan of your subscription from administration control panel. Refer plans and pricing for more details about available subscriptions.

Start an attendance management system with the server

NCheck Bio Attendance can be setup in Windows and Linux platforms.

  1. Setup NCheck Bio Attendance server in Windows

  2. Setup NCheck Bio Attendance server in Linux

Setup NCheck Bio Attendance server in Windows

System requirements
  1. Microsoft Windows 8 or higher operating system

  2. 1GB of disk space

  3. 4GB of RAM

  4. JAVA SE runtime environment 8

  5. One biometric capture device such as camera, fingerprint, or iris scanner. Android and iOS, inbuild camera, Windows integrated and USB web cams are used for face capture. For other supported IP cameras, fingerprint readers and iris scanners, visit support devices at our web site

Download and install

NCheck Bio Attendance can be downloaded from product downloads section of the web site


Important: Your windows user account should have administrative privileges to install NCheck Bio Attendance server.


Note: If the required Java runtime environment is not installed, Installer will ask to install Java runtime environment and stop NCheck Bio Attendance installation. In 64bit platforms, it needs to install both 64bit and 32bit java runtime environments.

  1. Run the installer package Select “NCheck Bio Attendance” option at component selection. NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client is always selected with the server.


    Figure 5 NCheck Bio Attendance setup view

  2. Activate NCheck Bio Attendance license

    NCheck Bio Attendance installer will show the license activation window After the successful installation of the server.


    Figure 6 Licensing window for NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client for Windows

  3. Starting NCheck Bio Attendance server

    NCheck Bio Attendance server will start automatically, and server icon will be displayed in the windows tray. When the server is ready, the icon will be shown in the Windows tray as Figure 7 .


    Figure 7 NCheck Bio Attendance tray icon view when the server is ready

  4. Finish installation

    Optionally, you can choose to launch Server Configuration window, NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client and User’s guide. Completion dialog also shows the NCheck Bio Attendance server status and TCP port of the server.


    Figure 8 NCheck Bio Attendance installation completion dialogue for Windows

Refer Install for windows section for more details about install NCheck Bio Attendance server in Windows.


You can activate the trial for evaluation purpose. Trial activation requires permanent internet connectivity. See license activation section for more details.

Setup NCheck Bio Attendance server in Linux

Refer this link to setup Docker image for Linux. Refer Install On-premises server on Linux section for more details.

Set up attendance management system

Launch web control panel

NCheck Bio Attendance administration and configuration application is NCheck Bio Attendance control panel application. This is a web-based application can be accessed using popular web browsers using following URL.

Table 2 Access NCheck Bio Attendance web control panel




On Premises


  1. Server – Sever name or IP address

  2. Port – NCheck Bio Attendance service port configured on the server. Default port is 8443.


Simple administration functions are provided in build with NCheck Bio Attendance application.

NCheck Bio Attendance control panel launcher application with extended data capture capabilities are available with the NCheck Bio Attendance Server and NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client installations. This application can be launched from


Figure 9 NCheck Bio Attendance system tray menu view

Table 3 Login to the NCheck Bio Attendance control panel


Right click on the NCheck Bio Attendance server tray application icon and select “Control panel” menu item as shown in Figure 9 .

Windows Standard client

Open the application menu and select control panel. Client should have registered and connected with a NCheck Bio Attendance server.

Android Standard Client


NCheck Bio Attendance server interface will work with recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and most common web browsers. It does not work with Internet Explorer browser.

Sign in to web Control Panel


Figure 10 NCheck Bio Attendance login page

Enter the username and password in NCheck Bio Attendance control panel login page and sign in to NCheck Bio Attendance Control panel.


For NCheck Bio Attendance on-premises server, the default admin user name and password are “admin”.


Figure 11 NCheck Bio Attendance control panel initial dashboard view

After signing in, you will be landed in the NCheck Bio Attendance Control Panel Dashboard as shown in Figure 11 Refer Sign in to web Control Panel section for more details about sign in NCheck Bio Attendance control panel. When signing in second time onwards, you will be landed to the last time accessed page. If the initial required data is not set up, it will be notified to perform the initial setting up. First the users should be enrolled as mentioned in Enroll users section.

Enroll users

User management section of the control panel is used to manage users.

Add new user


Figure 12 User management view of control panel

  1. Select Add button to create a new user.


    Figure 13 NCheck Bio Attendance On-premises server add new user view

Refer Add/Edit users section for more details about add users. After adding users, refer Enroll user biometrics section to enroll user biometrics.

Enroll user biometrics

User biometric is used to authenticate users in attendance recording.

  1. Select User

  2. Select Biometrics button in the User quick view


    Figure 14 Launch enroll biometric for the selected user

User Biometric data dialogue can be used to manage user biometric. It allows adding biometrics


Figure 15 Biometric data dialogue

  1. From event history

  2. Capture from devices such as camera,

    fingerprint and iris scanners using NCheck Bio Attendance client applications.

  3. From files

Refer Change biometrics section for more details about enroll biometrics. After enrolled user biometrics, you are allowed to Set up client or either Create user groups (Optional) or 2.4.6 Create shifts and roster as shown in Figure 16 .


Figure 16 proceed to setup clients flow

Create user groups (Optional)


Figure 17 User group management view

User group represents multiple users and all the settings applied to user group apply to each user representing the user group. To create the user group,

  1. Select User group management in the control panel.

  2. Select Add button

    User group detail dialogue is shown in below.


    Figure 18 Add user group dialogue

  3. Select Edit button

    Select users for the user group.


    Figure 19 Select users for user group dialogue

Refer Manage user Groups section for more details about user group management.

Advance options

Create shifts and roster

Work schedule of the users/user groups in the organization can be managed in this section. To manage shifts and rosters, • Select Shift and Roster in the control panel menu.


Figure 20 Shift and Roster management view

This view allows to,

  1. Create Shifts

  2. Create Rosters

  3. Add roster items

You can follow shift and roster management flow diagram as shown in Figure 21 in order to configure shift and rosters.


Figure 21 Shift and roster management flow

Create Shifts

Shifts can be created to plan users daily work schedule. To create a shift,

  1. Select Add button under Shifts pane.


    Figure 22 Add shift dialogue

Refer Shift management view section for more details about manage shifts.

Create Rosters

Rosters are specific duration in weeks to plan the organizational activities with shifts for certain time periods. To create rosters,

  1. Select New rosters button in the Rosters pane.


    Figure 23 Add roster dialogue

Refer Roster management view section for more details about manage rosters.

Add roster items

After configuring rosters and shifts, roster items can be added for specific dates with user/user groups assigning shifts.


Figure 24 Add roster item dialogue

To add a roster item,

  1. Select Add button

  2. Select Roster item button from the menu (optional – Select new button for a particular day in the week)

For more details, refer Roster item management view section.

Set up client devices

Install client application

Refer Install client application section for more details about install NCheck Bio Attendance client applications. Proceed to Register client application section to register the NCheck Bio Attendance client devices.

Register client application

The Client application is required to register with the server to perform attendance recording. To register a client application.

  1. Go to user group management in control panel


    Figure 25 Register device button in the user group management view

  2. Select a user group

  3. Select Register devices button

    It will show the device registration dialogue shown in Figure 26 for the user group. To register the device,


    Figure 26 Device registration view

    1. Launch NCheck Bio Attendance standard client

      It should show the device registration window.

    2. Select On-premises option

    3. Enter registration token

    4. Search or enter server user in <server:<port> format. When the server is running in the same computer, it can use localhost:<port>. Default port number is 8443.

    5. Select the Connect button to register.

    6. After Successful registration, the client application is ready for attendance recording

Refer Client registering view section for more details.

Record Attendances

  1. NCheck Bio Attendance Lite for Windows, Android and IOS

    1. Attach a camera compatible with the NCheck Bio Attendance as mentioned in the website, if it is not available.

    2. Face to the camera directly and select the capture button when the preview is available with the device.

  2. NCheck Bio Attendance Standard for Windows and Android

    1. Attach a compatible biometric device (face, fingerprint or iris) with the NCheck Bio Attendance as mentioned in the website, if it is not available with the device.

  3. View recorded attendances

Select Manage Event logs to view all recorded events.