The system can run on all Windows PCs, Windows tablets and Android devices (for iOS only client application for employees/users is available). A camera is needed to perform face identification. The system supports webcams and built-in cameras. For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner. Upon connection, supported scanners and camera devices are detected and configured automatically.
ScannerWindows 7Windows 8Windows 10Android
3M Cogent CSD 330+
 32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit
ARH AFS 510++
BioLink U-Match MatchBook v.3.5++++
Biometrika Fx2000+
Biometrika Fx2100+
Biometrika Fx3000+
Biometrika HiScan PRO+
Cross Match >Guardian-F USB++(1)
Cross Match Guardian USB++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match L Scan 500P++(1)
Cross Match Patrol ID++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 300 Classic++(1)
Cross Match Verifier 300 LC++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 300 LC 2.0++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 320 LC++(1)++(1)++
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 300+++++(2)
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 500+++++(2)
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 700+++++(2)
DigitalPersona EikonTouch 710++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 scanner++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 scanner++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Module++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Reader++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5160 Reader++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5200 Module++++
Fujitsu MBF200++
Futronic FS10++++
Futronic FS26++++
Futronic FS28+
Futronic FS50+++++++
Futronic FS60+++
Futronic FS64++++
Futronic FS80+++++++
Futronic FS80H+++++++
Futronic FS88+++++++
Futronic FS88H+++++++
Green Bit DactyID20++++
Green Bit DactyScan40i++++
Green Bit DactyScan84c++++
Green Bit DactyScan84n++++
Hongda S500+
Hongda S700+
Integrated Biometrics Columbo+++++
Integrated Biometrics Columbo OEM+++++
Integrated Biometrics Curve++(1)++(1)
Integrated Biometrics LES650++(1)++(1)
Integrated Biometrics Sherlock+++++
Integrated Biometrics Watson+++++
Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini+++++
Koehlke KIA-UM01+
Koehlke KIAU-5110B3+
L-1 DFR 2300++(1)
Lumidigm Mercury Series sensors++
Lumidigm V371 reader++
Lumidigm Venus V300 OEM module++
Lumidigm Venus V302 reader++
Miaxis FPR620++
Miaxis SM-2BU++
Miaxis SM-201 Bluetooth+++
Miaxis SM-201 Wi-Fi+++
NEXT Biometrics NB-3010-U+++++
NITGEN eNBioScan-C1++++
NITGEN eNBioScan-D plus++++
NITGEN eNBioScan-F++++
NITGEN Fingkey Hamster++++
NITGEN Fingkey Hamster II++++
SecuGen Hamster III++
SecuGen Hamster IV+++++
SecuGen Hamster Plus+++++
SecuGen Hamster Pro 20+++++
Shanghai Fingertech BIOCA-111+
Startek FC320U++
Startek FM220U++
Startek FPC360U++
Suprema BioMini+++++
Suprema BioMini Plus+++++
Suprema BioMini Plus2+++++
Suprema BioMini SFU-S20+++++
Suprema BioMini Slim+++++
Suprema RealScan G1++++
Suprema RealScan-10++++
Suprema RealScan-D++++
Suprema RealScan-F++++
Suprema RealScan-G10++++
Suprema RealScan-G10F++++
Suprema RealScan-S++++
Suprema SFR300-S++++
Suprema SFU300++++
Tacoma CMOS+
TazTag TazPad+
Testech Bio-i CYTE++
TopLink Pacific BLUEFiN+++++
UnionCommunity ViRDI FOH02SC+
ZKSoftware ZK4000+
ZKSoftware ZK4500++
ZKSoftware ZK6000+
ZKSoftware ZK7000+
ZKSoftware ZK8000+
Zvetco Verifi P5100++++
  1. The 64-bit OS support is limited to using 32-bit applications.
  2. Requires root access to the device.
Scanner nameMicrosoft Windows
Vista / 7 / 8
 32 bit64 bit
CMITech BMT-20/ EMX-30++
Credence ID Trident+(2)
Cross Match I Scan 2++(1)
IrisGuard IG-AD100+
Iritech IriShield USB MK 2120U / IriShield-USB BK 2121U+++
Iritech IriMagic1000BK+
UBKEY Mirrorkey Mirrorkem+
VistaFA2 / VistaFA2E / VistaEY2 / VistaEY2-02 / VistaEY2R iris & face cameras++
VistaEY2H iris camera++
  1. Can be used on 64-bit OS, but only in 32-bit applications.
  2. The device has pre-installed Android OS.