Configure the Server


Register Client Devices


Mark Attendance

System requirements

  • PC/laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 and higher OS and (preferably) 4GB ram.
  • PC/Laptop should have an inbuilt webcam or a USB webcam.
  • Mobile phone/tablet running Android 4.4 and higher OS or iOS 12 and higher OS.
  • Installation

    1. Download from NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises
    2. Install the application on your device.
    3. In the last step of installation you can mark “Run NCheck Client” (optional) and click "Finish".
    In order to register client application, you need to add users to the system.

    Server configuration

    Log in to NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises from NCheck System Tray icon Control Panel option,

    or typing this URL in your web browser:


    Enter the username and password. The default username and password are:

    Default username: admin
    Password: admin

    After successful login you will be directed to Control Panel.

    To get started you have to create an employee/user profile in User Management section.

    1. Create an employee/user profile

    2. Enter first and last name, employee/user code. Additionally, you can fill up other info and set a profile picture. Click “Add” to save employee/user.

    3. Once the user name is selected, basic user information will be avaiable on the right-side panel.

    4. In order to recognize the user, you need to add a biometric data (face,fingerprint,iris - single modality or any combination of all available modalities) to the system. Click “Biometric” and on the next dialog upload/capture biometric data or enroll it from history.

    Client app registration

    To run the software on device, select “Standalone” option. In order to connect with your local NCheck Server installation, select “On-premises” option.

    For registration token, you need to go back to Control Panel. Then go to User Details Panel and click “Register devices” to create a device registration token.

    Enter the provided token and client app registration will be completed.

    In the next step, license file will be needed to activate the software. For this step internet connection is required.

    Marking attendance

    Employees/users can mark attendance on the same device where NCheck Bio Attendance is installed or alternatively use client apps on any other device, including personal smartphone. A camera is needed to perform face identification. The system supports webcams and built-in cameras. For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner. Upon connection, supported scanners and camera devices are detected and configured automatically.
    Attendance log can be viewed from Control panel Event Log .