Attendance reports are important in measuring performance of individual employees and the whole organization.

Current version of NCheck Bio Attendance system provides 6 different reports:

  1. Total Work Hours Report provides the number of hours worked by each employee. Salaries are calculated based on this information. Calculating work hours is organization specific and takes into account details of the work shifts. Depending on the particular organization’s policies, additional work hours are considered overtime that needs to be covered by additonal payment.
  2. Work Hours Summary Report summarizes the attendance data by allowing display for three types of periods: daily, weekly and monthly.
  3. Productivity report provides additional information to that contained in the work hour report. It includes both undesirable behavior (late arrivals, early departures, additional breaks and absences) and praiseworthy behavior such as timely attendance. Productivity report also produces numbers of productive work hours and non-productive work hours.
  4. Productive work hours are defined as an interval within the work time of a shift. If an organization supports the scheme of flexible work hours, any time beyond official work hours of a shift counts as productive work hours. Otherwise, attendance time of employees beyond official work hours is regarded as non-productive work hours. It is undesirable for organizations with fixed work hours.
  5. User Details Report lists personal data: employee code, name, address, email, and phone.
  6. Event Details Report displays information on check-in and check-out times along with physical location of devices.
  7. Arrival and Departure Report may be used to monitor the daily work pattern of employees. It shows when an employee checks in to work for the first time, attendance status (Present, absent, On-leave etc), has a lunch break or any additional breaks, and checks out from work.

Late arrival is the time between the official start time of the work and the actual arrival time. Late arrivals are undesirable and can be controlled by fixing the end time of the shift for employee check-ins.Early departure is another violation of normal rules of attendance. It can be controlled by fixing the start time of the shift for employee check-outs.