Our NCheck visitor management system for schools is a game-changer for educational institutions, creating an easy-to-use and biometrical powered system that transforms guest visitations. Whether you are booking in visits to show around potential pupils and their family or have visitors delivering an educational seminar to the students - our visitor management system for school is the perfect solution.

  • 1secure-visitor Class: Define time schedule
    Your institution will be able to determine and set the availability of the lecturer/teacher and define class schedules based around their availability.
  • 2secure-visitor Student: select a class time
    Your students can select their class times based on what works for them with varying schedules.
  • 3secure-visitor Student: attend the class
    At the class premises, students can show their class card to the NCheck visitor management system for schools and their attendance will be marked and entry will be granted.
  • 4secure-visitor After class
    The visit notification feature can be used to deliver class notes/e-documents to students via e-mail.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided so you can get underway in setting-up your NCheck Visitor Management Systems for schools. 
If you are unsure on anything mentioned in the quick start guides then do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you. 

Key Features of our Visitor Management System for Schools

We wanted to deliver a system that is packed full of capabilities. Our team of specialized experts created this innovative school visitor management system for educational institutions of all levels. Our goal was to reduce the guest visitation complexity and burden on employees, and instead provide a convenient and secure experience for all visitors to your school. Our visitor management system for schools has many features including:

Transform how you manage visitations with our Visitor Management System for Schools


Our system has been carefully designed so that it is not only applicable, but makes for the perfect guest visitation system for your institution. We understand that schools vary considerably in different parts of the world with the way they are built and the administration system they have in place. This is why our school visitor management system for education levels of all types has been intricately manufactured so that it can be easily integrated  onto your premises. 


Choosing our visitor management system for your school will deliver on the following:


  • Glowing first impression to new visitors 
  • Equipped with the latest, modern technology
  • Safe and secure environment enabled through the biometric functionality 
  • Encrypted database for secure data of your visitors
  • Save lots of administrative time and effort that can be put to use elsewhere within the school 
  • Quick and easy way to view the analytics at any given moment during the day 
  • Remote access for booking appointments and checking-in for visitations that are off-premise 

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