The NCheck Bio Attendance uses biometric identification of face, fingerprint and iris scanning to hygienically monitor, manage and register attendance on a large and flexible scale, without the need for specialist hardware.

Ideal for institutions that prioritize hygiene and cleanliness

Not only do conventional fingerprint scanners pose a cross contamination risk, they also often prove futile or counter intuitive in environments where staff are expected to wear PPE such as disposable gloves.

NCheck’s ability to scan and identify via either the face, fingerprint or iris allows healthcare facilities to monitor attendance in the most hygienic and practical manner relevant to their requirements. Whilst the biometric technology has advanced features, the user interface and reporting is simple and intuitive, and has been designed as a turnkey solution that you can easily plug in to your current operations.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Biometric Attendance system

Key Features

The NCheck Bio Attendance system has a number of powerful features designed to hygienically monitor attendance for Healthcare Organisations

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