Customer references

YRGCARE selected NCheck customized version for its patient management and day to day attendance activities.

In 1993, Dr Suniti Solomon, after taking voluntary retirement from the Government, she established the Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRGCARE) at the Y.R. Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation, with a small, select team. In time, the organization has expanded, and now employs over more than 450 staff.

Read the full case study for YRGCARE, Chennai here (PDF Document)

Pantaleon Sugar Mill Project Selected NCheck Biometric for its employee’s day to day attendance activities & management

Panteleon S.A. is an agro-industrial organization dedicated to the responsible for processing of sugar cane for the production of sugar, molasses, alcohols and energy. It has team of more than 21,200 employees in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil and the United States, contributes to reach an annual production of 1.17 million tons of sugar and by-products. As a group, Pantaleon is the leader in the Central American region in sugar production and they rank among the top ten most important in Latin America.

Read the full case study for Pantaleon Sugar Mill Project here (PDF Document)

Peacock Ayurveda Garden resort are satisfied with NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for attendance management

Peacock Ayurveda Garden resort located in Dickwella, Sri Lanka, uses NCheck for managing attendance of personnel of 20 professionals (medical doctors, nurses, masseurs, cooks, gardeners, guards, etc.). They selected the Cloud version because it is easier to operate and does not require expensive hardware. Spending a couple of minutes on signing-up and then installing the app is all that the setup procedure takes. Now employees can perform a check-in and check-out every day by simply looking at a smartphone installed on the wall. A manager can access the attendance data from any location via smartphone or computer connected to the internet and use summary reports for accounting. NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud is fully suitable even for small companies, which have no IT infrastructure.

Read the full case study for Peacock Ayurveda Garden here (PDF Document)

Red Roses Public School has chosen NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises for employee attendance

Red Roses Public School (RRPS) is one of the fastest growing schools in New Delhi, the capital of India. With staff spread across three locations, RRPS faced a number of administrative challenges, including accurately calculating time sheets, managing staff attendance, overseeing productivity and fully complying with auditing report requirements. The school evaluated several time and attendance systems and ultimately selected our solution.

Read the full case study for RRPS here (PDF Document)

ABR Technology have selected NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud for time attendance

ABR Technology, with offices in Lima (Peru) is a research and development company mainly providing biometric and security solutions. The company provides consultation services, as well as develops and integrates various types of software applications including web and mobile platforms. They have selected NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud solution and are successfully using it for everyday operations.

Ninehearts (Pvt.) Ltd. uses NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises in different branches

Ninehearts Pvt. Ltd. is a 50 years old company in Sri Lanka. They have been leaders in several photographic markets. For many years they have also been diversified as a supplier to the commercial printing, garment printing, digital printing and document imaging markets. Currently, they operate from 14 different locations around the country.

In the past, Ninehearts faced numerous operational challenges in tracking the exact check-in and check-out times of the employees from different office locations. Things have changed after installation of our software. IT Lead of Ninehearts (Pvt.) Ltd. appreciated the user-friendly GUI, user management, location restriction, reporting features and was satisfied about simple installation and configuration.

India Steel Vilnius office is happy with NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises for time tracking

India Steel Vilnius office (Lithuania) has evaluated several attendance systems and has chosen our solution as it fulfills their requirements the best.

Saral Infotech S700 Android-based attendance terminal device uses NCheck Bio Attendance On-Premises

NCheck helps to turn Saral InfoTech S700 into an attendance device using inbuilt biometric capture devices. S700 has inbuilt support for capturing faces, fingerprints and irises.