NCheck Bio Attendance with third-party systems

NCheck Bio Attendance clients can execute an external application/URL in a specific event (Check-in or check-out). This feature can be used with an access control system, such as opening doors for authorized personnel.

Also, NCheck Bio Attendance provide an application programming interface (API) for extending it’s functionality with different kind of applications. For an example, you may want some client application, which will server a different purpose than NCheck client applications. In such cases, you can consume NCheck API to get specific information from NCheck server. For integration details, please refer the developer’s manual.

These features are intended for integrators/developers. You may need to get help from a person with technical skills in order to create such integrations.

Executing an external application

External application executing with NCheck Bio Attendance

Example for external application use case – open a door.

  1. Employee check-in using NCheck Bio Attendance Standard client.
  2. NCheck Standard client (Client 1) update the record in NCheck server.
  3. In the Client 1 device configuration, we have configured to run an external executable on check-in event. This can be configured from the NCheck control panel. Go to device management and create a peripheral configuration, and assign that configuration to the said device (Client 1).
  4. According to the peripheral configuration assigned to the device, it calls the external executable/URL which we configured in the control panel. (This may be opening a door, or execute another application installed in the client itself.)

Using NCheck API in a third-party application

NCheck API is intended for developing custom application that can work with NCheck Server. Detailed API documentation can be found here.

Simple use-case for such third-party application will look like this:

  1. There’s a client application registered with a NCheck Server. Employees can check-in or check-out using that client device. Also administrators can manually add/edit/delete events through web control panel.
  2. To access NCheck API, you need to have a username and password. Simply log in to web control panel and in device management, you can create new API access token. You can send generated credentials via email as well, or write it down.
  3. NCheck API will allow to perform following operations:
    • Add/delete user
    • Get user list
    • Update/delete biometric
    • Get attendance events
    • Delete events
    • Get work hour report

Refer the full API documentation.