The NCheck Biometric Attendance System for schools and colleges, plus universities alike, has been designed to benefit students, teachers, even when learning remotely.

We have purposefully built this school biometric attendance system to allows schools, colleges and universities to effortlessly manage, capture and analyse student and staff attendance using the AI-powered biometric scanning of either the face, fingerprint or iris.

With attendance being intrinsically linked to education, we are sure you are well aware it is vital for your educational institution to have an efficient and accurate time and attendance system in place. Having just recently come out of an era where learning from home was common practice, it is best to equipped with a school biometric attendance system which facilitates this possibility - our NCheck system certainly fits that quota. 

The system is a simple turnkey integration into your operations, ensuring your students are accurately registered whilst also removing bottlenecks in your school administration. Whilst the biometric technology offers advanced capabilities, the reporting and user interface is simple, intuitive and flexible around your administration requirements.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck School Biometric Attendance system

Key Features of our Biometric Attendance System for Schools

Our team of specialist developers intuitively built our School Biometric Attendance System so that it boasts a number of powerful features designed to help your educational institution accurately monitor and manage attendance:

Why choose the NCheck School Biometric Attendance System for your Institution?

You may have been used to other forms of attendance monitoring, some more modern than others, so a change to a biometric system may sound daunting. This is why we have broken it down into simple terms so you can understand the numerous positive reasons as to why a biometric attendance system for schools and other educational facilities is a good fit for you:

Award-winning algorithms

NCheck is powered by award-winning algorithms that are developed and supported by neural network specialist Neurotechnology. The company, founded in 1990 in Vilnius, specializes in the applications of neural networks such as biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence. This ensures that any services of NCheck, including the school biometric attendance system, offers the most reliable and dependable solutions on the market.

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