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The NCheck biometric office attendance system is a favorite amongst employers for its ability to maintain and enhance an efficient, productive and cost effective workforce, without the need for specialist hardware.

Our system functions by utilizing the biometric identification of face, fingerprint and iris scanning. NCheck biometric office attendance system is a simple turnkey integration into your HR and Payroll operations, ensuring your employees are accurately compensated whilst also removing bottlenecks in your payroll administration.

Whilst the biometric technology offers advanced capabilities, the reporting and user interface is simple, intuitive and customisable around your business requirements, allowing you to harness these AI-powered capabilities for your own business.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Biometric Office Attendance System

Biometric Office Attendance System Key Features

Carefully designed and built, this software system has a number of powerful features designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of employee time and attendance monitoring within your office, including:

*For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner, both of which can be purchased from

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