Established in 1990, Neurotechnology is the pioneer of biometric systems development in Lithuania. It was founded with the key idea of using neural networks for applications covering biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence fields. Our journey started with the release of our first biometrics product - a fingerprint identification system for criminal investigations. Over the years we have developed and improved numerous proprietary technologies that are being used in more than 140 countries around the world. By continually focusing on technological advancements, Neurotechnology quickly takes advantage of the emerging opportunities that come with the new wave of deep learning technologies.


NCheck Bio Attendance is a smart attendance management solution developed proprietary by Neurotechnology in 2016. Based on reliable award-winning algorithms, the product offers advanced attendance monitoring providing face, fingerprint and iris modalities all in one place. It delivers a full package of significant features, including but not limited to contactless and offline attendance logs, human resources management, report generation and full control over user attendance. Although its use cases cover education, healthcare, construction and agriculture industries, the most popular application remains office spaces, especially since work from home has become the new normal.