Consultation services are great way to get advice from an expert in the field. These services span on many areas including medical, technical, personal counseling etc. Experts can directly provide consulting service, or some intermediate institution acts behalf of the consultant and manage the reservations. In the consulting field, customers may need to share their personal and private details with the consultant. In medical consulting, clinical history should be shared with the doctor and it's a confidential detail. So the institute who manage the customer data on behalf of the consultant have the responsibility to keep those data secure. Also consultant may need to refer details and notes from previous consultations.

With NCheck Visitor management, using the "Consultant" scenario, an organization can manage schedules for consulting. Defining a time slot for consulting, keeping notes on the session, referring previous consultation data can be done using the system.

  • 1secure-visitor Institution: Create consultation schedules behalf of the consultant.
    For different consultants, institution may create different schedules based on their available time and assign a place (room) for the session. Also time per consulting session and consultant fee also can be mentioned within the schedule.
  • 2secure-visitor Guest: reserve an appointment with consultant.
    Guest can use online booking or kiosk booking if available. Once the number of appointments per day is booked, guests cannot book for the same day.
  • 3secure-visitorGuest: Check-in to the premises
    Guest will produce the reservation ticket to the reception for confirm check-in and pay any consultant fees.
  • 4secure-visitor Ending the session
    At the end of the session, guest may check-out from the system. If there are any other activity like getting prescribed medicine, the ticket can be used at the pharmacy.

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The NCheck Visitor Management system has a number of powerful features designed to provide convenient and secure experience for all visitors while reducing the visitor management complexity and burden on employees. Our system has many features including:

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