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April 6, 2022

Can attendance monitoring system reduce workflow and improve efficiency?

In the modern world, a lack of time management skills is highly noticeable in young people who spend most of their free time on social media. Sooner or later, they find out that the time they have spent doing something is lost forever, thus, a search for efficiency and better time management habits begins. The search continues into their adult life when they need to spend time on little things like monitoring their working hours to report to their employers.
May 3, 2021

10 Tips for Dealing With a Lazy Employee

Lazy employees will do anything except work efficiently while still expecting a paycheck at the end of the month. Slackers can impact your business in multiple ways, from undermining other employees’ efforts to reducing the overall output of your company.  Studies show that there will always be one slacker in […]
April 28, 2021

9 Practical Time Management Tips That Work

Time management is essential in all aspects of life. For businesses, time management skills help a company make the most out of the available time and improve employee performance. You can prioritize the important things and achieve goals faster this way. For these reasons, time management tips are essential to […]
April 24, 2021

What is Timesheet Fraud and How to Deal With It

Employees’ timesheet fraud is a problem that many businesses face in today’s society. In fact, statistics have shown that time theft can cost companies up to $1.5 million annually. For instance, employees may put in hours that they did not work for and sometimes get away with it and get […]
April 16, 2021

The 6 Most Common Employee Relations Issues and How to Deal with Them

The relationships within your workforce can mean the difference between your company growing and failing. As a result, for your company’s success, you must manage and maintain positive employee relations. However, you are probably aware that there is always the possibility of workplace employee relationship issues. Such issues, if left […]
April 2, 2021

6 tips to improve employee performance

Employee performance is the most integral part of any business. Employee performance is a vital metric that will determine if a given business is bound to succeed or fail. High-performance employees always meet deadlines, make sales, transform the brand positively and enhance better customer interactions. This article will provide 6 […]
March 9, 2021

How to monitor employees working from home?

There are many reasons to transition a large portion of a company’s workforce from on-site to remote, but regardless of the reason, the fact remains that you still need to monitor them. Ensuring employees remain on-task and accountable still looms and can be more difficult without the proper tools. This […]
March 3, 2021

Employee absenteeism: what is it and how to deal with it?

Employee absenteeism refers to the habitual absence in a workplace by an employee that is typically unannounced and unplanned. Workers will miss work from time to time as there is no ideal workplace that can curb absenteeism. Practices such as buddy punching will make absenteeism hard to notice hence some […]
February 15, 2021

All you need to know about buddy punching and how to prevent it

Most businesses have policies in place to prevent and penalize workplace theft by employees. However, most small and medium business owners are unable to safeguard against the more nebulous type of employee theft, which is time theft. In simple terms, time theft is when an employee gets paid for a […]
December 17, 2020

8 benefits of biometric time & attendance systems

Long gone are the days when the only available method of tracking employee attendance were pen and paper sheets. Biometric attendance systems are now becoming the weapon of choice for businesses trying to minimize time theft and reduce costs related to lost productivity. While biometrics is not a fool-proof solution, […]
December 14, 2020

The 6 most commonly used methods of tracking employee hours. Which one is best?

Unless you are an independent contractor, owning your own business comes with plenty of bookkeeping– not the least of which comes with tracking employee hours. In this article, we will examine why you should track employee hours, the most common methods used, and what the future of employee tracking offers. […]
December 9, 2020

What is employee time theft and how to avoid it

Owning and running a business is hard enough without having to worry whether or not your employees are stealing from you, but one of the most common types of employee theft is “time theft.” Here we break down the subject of employee time theft and examine some of the solutions […]
August 12, 2020

Biometric Time & Attendance Industry Totally Reshaped by COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically, changed the way the people across the globe look at the Biometric Time & Attendance technology irrespective of their industry or sector. From now on, businesses will pay much more attention to health and safety of their front-line workers that must be present physically at […]
September 25, 2019

Neurotechnology Releases Update to its NCheck Bio Attendance Time and Attendance Solution

NCheck Bio Attendance 5.0 is an end-user software solution that enables users to quickly and easily log time and attendance on their smartphones, computers or dedicated devices using biometric fingerprint, iris or facial recognition. Vilnius, Lithuania – September 25, 2019 – Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision […]
February 2, 2019

Iris Recognition for Attendance in Healthcare Organizations

Iris modality provides non-contact hygienic personal identification and attendance through iris recognition. As evidenced by research, in most clinical research labs where hands and face are covered, an iris-based attendance system is the preferred method for identifying individuals. Iris Recognition Hygiene and iris recognition Essentially, hygiene played a critical role […]
July 13, 2016

New NCheck Bio Attendance 3.1 Provides Intelligent Biometric Time & Attendance Tracking

Vilnius, Lithuania – July 13, 2016. Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification & artificial intelligence technologies, today announced the release of NCheck Bio Attendance 3.1, a system that provides quick and easy tracking of time and attendance using fingerprint and/or face biometrics. The incorporation of biometrics into the time […]
New NCheck Bio Attendance 3.1 Provides Intelligent Biometric Time & Attendance Tracking
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