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Accurate and efficient solution for registration, time management and attendance.

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Biometric attendance system benefits

For the institution
  • Cost Effective - no ID cards, badges or other equipment is needed for the system users, they just use biometrics.

  • High accuracy and security - identification based on multi-modal biometrics facilitates very high accuracy and is reliable for fraud prevention.

  • No "buddy punching" - nobody can do a fake check-in or check-out on behalf of another employee / user / attendee.

  • Useful integrations - NCheck provides flexible data exporting to a range of popular payroll systems

  • Increase the efficiency of attendance monitoring - the use of passive recognition and identification while using surveillance cameras enables large workforces to be monitored with ease.

For the user
  • Easy to Use - never worry about forgetting a time card.

  • Accurate - by using face, fingerprint or iris recognition it ensures that your attendance is recorded accurately.

  • Anytime, Anywhere - record attendance from wherever you are working using your personal smartphone.

  • Contact less attendance - multi-modality scanning offers a more hygienic solution to attendance monitoring.

  • Off-line attendance - never worry about no connectivity and miss of your wages. NCheck Bio Attendance solution records your attendance securely offline.

NCheck BioAttendance server


Biometric employee management and access control system as a cloud service.

  • Monthly subscription
  • Subscription price depends on employee count
  • Free subscription supports up to 5 users
  • Support NCheck Standatd and Lite client apps
  • No need to worry about server installation and no maintenance needed.


Biometric employee management and access control system that can be hosted on your own.

  • One time purchase
  • No limitation on employee count
  • Need a PC to install server software
  • Support NCheck Standard and Lite client apps
  • Customer has the freedom to configure the server as they like

NCheck BioAttendance client

parameters NCheck Standard NCheck Lite


face, fingerprint, iris face

Automatic face detection and capture

Face liveness detection

Recognize all persons from group photo

Geo fence tracking

(Location restriction)

GPS location logging

Offline attendance logging

Operating system support

Windows, Android Windows, Android, iOS

Standalone operation

Access control

Kiosk mode

RFID, Barcode

Personal device

(Use of your own device)


95 EUR / installation Free

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Biometric Attendance system


Unique features of our product take time and attendance monitoring to the next level

Applications and Industries

Our Bio Attendance system can be successfully used by various businesses and institutions.

Frequently asked questions

1How I can try NCheck Bio Attendance?
You can register and use free for unlimited time cloud subscription (up to 5 users) or alternatively download and install the trial version, which is free of charge for 30 days.
2How can I upgrade my trial version to paid version?
For NCheck Bio Attendance Cloud, just sign in and upgrade your subscription.
3Can I use the data from trial version in the paid version?
Yes, you can continue using the data collected during the trial period.
4What are the requirements for software and hardware?
The system can run on all Windows PCs, Windows tablets and Android devices (for iOS only client application for employees/users is available). A camera is needed to perform face identification. The system supports webcams and built-in cameras. For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner. Supported devices are listed here . Upon connection, supported scanners and camera devices are detected and configured automatically.
5Is it necessary to have an internet connection to use NCheck Bio Attendance?
On-Premises paid version can run without internet connection. Internet connection is needed for activating the license, for using a trial version and for Cloud version.
6What is the difference between NCheck Standard, NCheck Server and NCheck Lite?

NCheck Standard - fully functional time and attendance application with all three available modalities (face, finger, iris).

NCheck Server is suitable for usage on your selected server and performs as central database (includes web for administrator).

NCheck Lite is a simple and free for unlimited time application, which is an addition to paid products. It is suitable only for user identification (check-in/check-out) by face.

7What happens in case of connectivity failure (if you run NCheck Bio Attendance on your server)?
You can configure devices for running in the offline mode. When the server is disconnected, device can still perform employee identification locally and record the attendance. The attendance terminal software updates the data collected offline as soon as connects with the server again.

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