Financial institutes like banks have their main focus on security. Such institution should consider safety of their own employees and property, as well as the customers who visit the bank. Since personal verification is the most important point, most banks use biometrics for authentication purposes.

There are some areas in the bank that are not allowed for the customer. It is vital that ensuring no customer will enter those areas. Banks collect some considerable private data from their customers, so need to ensure their safety at any cost.

NCheck visitor management provide "Face", "Fingerprint" and "Iris" biometric modalities powered by most reliable Neurotechnology Biometric SDK. Also additional verification step can be introduced to improved security.

  • 1secure-visitor Bank: define business hours for customers
    Management of the bank can define business hours for customers. Each purpose will have an associated location. (E. g: Requesting a loan: at credit department)
  • 2secure-visitor Customer: place an appointment with bank
    Customers can make a request by explaining their requirement. An officer from the bank can check the request and can accept/edit or reject the request.
  • 3secure-visitor Customer: visit the bank
    Customer will be authenticated upon arrival. Bank can use customer's biometric to identify the person. As additional safety measure, bank can ask for scan the passbook or ID card. upon verification, customer is allowed to enter the relevant section.
  • 4secure-visitor Leaving the premises
    After getting completed the requested job from the bank, customer may leave the feedback in the check-out device and leave the premises.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Visitor Management system

Key Features

The NCheck Visitor Management system has a number of powerful features designed to provide convenient and secure experience for all visitors while reducing the visitor management complexity and burden on employees. Our system has many features including:

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