After the covid-19 pandemic, tourism industry is just started to recovery. Many tourist destinations around the world resumed their operations with more health and safety precautions. Accepting visitors from different countries and maintaining health and safety is a huge responsibility for a tourist destination. Here we are considering all the parks, museums, historical or attractive destinations that providing services to all tourists.

As an organization, each tourist attraction need some information about the visitor. As for the current post-pandemic situation, visitor's vaccinated state is a must to know. Other than that, organization need to know visitor's name, age, language etc. to provide customized experience. For an example, language can be used to provide guidance in visitor's own language. Also some places like museums need tickets for visitors, and visitors may want to book their tickets for a future day visit.

With NCheck Visitor management, such travel destination/organization can collect the information they need from visitors. These information can be customized upon request. With online booking facility, visitor can book for a future date as well. Those who wish to visit within same day, walk-in kiosk will collect the same information as the online registration. Addition to booking, ticket issuing and printing also possible with such setup.

  • 1 secure-visitor Organization: define time slots for tourists
    Management at the tourist destination/attraction can define time slots that visitors can visit and see. In the same time tickets can be sold from the system.
  • 2secure-visitor Visitor: book an appointment
    Visitors can check online and place an appointment to visit the location. If passes/tickets issued from the gate, it can be managed using one more kiosk devices at the entrance.
  • 3secure-visitor Visitor: Check-in to the location
    After entering the location, visitor data will be used to provide customized experience inside the premises. Access to certain sections can be restricted, visitor's language preference can be used to give details in their own language, use different tone for children etc are few possible use cases of visitor data.
  • 4secure-visitor Ending the visit and leaving
    When visitor finished exploring of the place, they can give their feedback and leave.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Visitor Management system

Key Features

The NCheck Visitor Management system has a number of powerful features designed to provide convenient and secure experience for all visitors while reducing the visitor management complexity and burden on employees. Our system has many features including:

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