NCheck Visitor Management System simplifies managing your visitors. It is highly configurable visitor management system can be used for an assisted visitor management to fully automated visitor management. NCheck Visitor Management system provide following main functionalities. Following features are available in NCheck visitor management system

  1. Visitor can register online and create an appointment.

  2. Visitor self-registration kiosk

  3. Auto generated visitor pass

  4. Preprinted pass or ticket

  5. Barcode, RFID or manual ID support

  6. Configurable pass validation rules

  7. Biometric visitor identification

  8. Face fingerprint and Iris support

  9. Configurable visit schedule (rosters)

  10. Automatic next appointment selection

  11. Visitor manual appointment time selection

  12. Visitor seat selection

  13. Configurable seating classes

  14. Configurable visitor notifications

  15. Configurable host notification

  16. Multiple session support

  17. Visit location/room selection

  18. Restrict visitor access locations

  19. Door access control

  20. Record restricted access attempts

  21. Record check it check-out and access events

  22. Visitor assistant support

  23. Visitor information kiosk

  24. Visit logs with attachments

  25. Visit log sharing.

  26. Customizable online registration

  27. Customizable walk-in kiosk registration

  28. Customizable visitor registration information

  29. Customizable visitor access feedbacks

  30. Customizable visit logs

  31. Centralized web-based visitor dashboard and control panel

  32. Kiosk and attendance applications are designed to run on Windows and Android devices

  33. Use of integrated camera for face recognition

  34. Support many fingerprint and iris scanning devices available in the market

  35. Server is designed to run on Windows or Linux operating system

  36. PDF and CSV Report export

  37. Scheduled reports