NCheck visitor management Online page allows to book visit appointments before arriving to the organization. NCheck visitor management has provided default online page to book appointment. Customer can request custom online page and add as NCheck visitor management extension. Refer Use extension section for more details. Refer Start online appointment booking section for to start appointment booking.

Start online appointment booking

To access appointment booking, browse NCheck visitor management from following URLs.

  1. Cloud

    1. URL

    2. Remarks

      CustomerCode: A unique id receive after successful signup for the cloud.

  2. On-premises

    1. URL

    2. Remarks

      Server: Sever name or IP address, Port: Service port configured on the server. Default port is 8443.

Once the page loaded you will see NCheck visitor management home page as mentioned in Online appointment boking home page section.


Before creating appointments, the schedules should be created first as mentioned in Schedules section. Note that to be visible the schedules in online page, Allows visitors to book online setting should be enabled for each schedule.

Online appointment boking home page


Figure 53 NCheck visitor management online home page view

  1. Quick start guide link

    Link to open NCheck visitor management quick start gude

  2. Documentation link

    Link to open NCheck visitor management documentation

  3. Contact link

    Link to open NCheck visitor management contact information

  4. About link

    Link to open NCheck visitor management About page

  5. Admin login button

    Log in to NCheck visitor management Web control panel .

  6. Schedules list view

    Schedule list view in the home page is showing 6 schedules from available as shown in Schedule list view section. Refer Schedules section form more details about manage schedules.

  7. More button

    Browse all schedules as mentioned in Filter schedules section.

  8. Privacy link

    Open NCheck visitor management privacy policy

  9. Terms link

    Open NCheck visitor management Terms link

  10. Social media links

    Links to open NCheck visitor management YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tweeter social medias.

Create appointment

Once select appointment date, visitor allows to create appointment proving details as below.


Figure 54 Appointment detail view

  1. Schedule quick view

  2. Start time and end time of the appointment

    Select appointment start and end time for the appointment if Allow change appointment time setting has enabled as mentioned in Add/edit/clone schedule section. Default value of the appointment start and end time

    1. If the Slot time is equal to 0, schedule start and end time.

    2. If the slot time is greater than 0, Selected time slot start, and end time as mentioned in time slot view section.

  3. Break time list view

    Refer Break time list view section for more details.

  4. Time slots view

    refer Time slots section for more details.

  5. Visitor form view

    Refer Visitor form view section for more details.

  6. NCheck visitor management term and conditions

    Accept terms and conditions.

  7. Captcha verification

    This field is available for online booking page of NCheck visitor management cloud.

  8. Submit button

    Submit details to create appointment. Once appointment created the appointment ticket will be appeared as shown in Figure 55 . Refer Ticket view section for more details.


    Figure 55 Appointment ticket view

Visitor form view

For visitor form of the online booking page contains following information.


Figure 56 Visitor form view of online booking page

  1. Guidance message

  2. Visitor code

    This field is appearing for online visitor booking page if the pass generation setting in Additional settings section is not always generated or not reused. Refer Visitor pass generation section for more details

  3. Field form Visitor form

  4. Field form Visitor form