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NCheck Version 4.0.28 is released.

Public release 2017-10-04
In this release, we have included following fixes:
  • Changed offline mode check-in/ check-out messages as "Event recorded"
  • Removed license check from service installer
  • Separated saving check-in/ check-out event image from main check-in/ check-out functionality
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NCheck Version 4.0.26 is released.

Internal release 2017-09-14
For this version of NCheck, we have included following fixes and updates. In NCheck Personal ID, showing previously registered user information for a new user issue is fixed. Culture related conversion issues in geo-boundary calculations are fixed in this version. In NCheck offline mode, we have fixed not considering peripheral status issue and enabled biometric parameters synchronization with offline database. Read more

Case studies

Red Roses Public School Project

Red Roses Public School (RRPS) is one of the fastest growing schools in New Delhi, the capital of India. With staff spread across three locations, RRPS faced a number of administrative challenges, including accurately calculating time sheets, managing staff attendance, overseeing productivity and fully complying with auditing report requirements. The school evaluated several time and attendance systems in the market and ultimately selected NCheck Bio Attendance from Neurotechnology.

Read the full case study for RRPS here (PDF Document)