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Attendance system is the key for a company compensation. You can find a plenty of attendance machines in the market. Many people change their attendance system time to time. This is because none of these systems meet their new attendance system requirements. So, it is time now to think about the restricted time machines.

Biometric attendance system is a must today because you need an attendance device with strong authentication and accurate time and attendance records. How do you manage the accuracy of your biometric attendance control system? You need guarantee about reliability of biometric capture hardware and accuracy biometric attendance software in your biometric attendance system. In addition, you may have new attendance management requirements such as mobile work force attendance control, work from home attendance control.

NCheck Bio Attendance is biometric attendance software developed by using industry recognized Neurotechnology biometric algorithms. They are award-winning industry standard compliant biometric software. It can provide you a guarantee about the employee attendance accuracy in your biometric attendance management system.

NCheck Bio Attendance biometric attendance management software supports range of industry standard compliant biometric readers. You can select the best face, fingerprint or iris capture devices for your biometric attendance system. If you need face attendance system or fingerprint attendance system or iris attendance system or a multi biometric attendance system with any combination, you can easily select reliable biometric capture hardware from the open market to use with NCheck Bio Attendance.

NCheck Bio Attendance can be installed on standard windows and android devices in the open market. You can install NCheck Bio Attendance in a Windows PC to create a Windows PC biometric attendance device or in a Windows tablet device to create Windows biometric attendance device or in an Android device to create Android attendance device. One more advantage in case of a need for Face Attendance system, NCheck Bio Attendance can use web cams in PCs and laptops and android device built-in cameras.

NCheck Bio Attendance provides several features to cater for modern work force attendance management. It can manage employee attendance and work as a mobile attendance system for employees such as site workers, mobile sales force. NCheck Bio Attendance can also perform employee location tracking with the time and attendance events. Including these features, below described features will prove you that NCheck Bio Attendance the best biometric attendance management system for your employee attendance system requirement.

Some significant features of NCheck

biometric authentication

Biometric Authentication

NCheck Bio Attendance uses Fingerprint authentication, Face authentication and Iris authentication guarantee the reliable biometric identification of employees. Say no to legacy unreliable technologies PIN and NFC/RFID cards without biometric.

standard hardware

Standard Hardware

NCheck Bio Attendance support standard biometric hardware available on the market. Your biometric attendance system will use standard Windows PCs, laptops, tablets and Android devices. It helps you to select reliable and freely available hardware and create reliable and cost effective biometric attendance management system.

fast accurate

Fast and Accurate

NCheck Bio Attendance uses award-winning fast and accurate Neurotechnology biometric algorithms. It can perform up to 40,000 face, finger or iris authentications per second in normal hardware openly available in the market.

mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

NCheck Bio Attendance support GPS location tracking of employee time and attendance events. It also supports offline attendance data collection when network is not available. It performs automatic attendance data synchronization

contactless authentication

Contactless Biometric Attendance

NCheck Bio Attendance can support contactless biometric authentication with face identification and iris identification. Contactless attendance control is hygienic and you and your employees are more confident and safe.

cross platform

Cross platform

NCheck Bio Attendance software is available for Windows for both Windows and Android. You can use it as a standalone attendance system or client-server biometric attendance system by using Windows server and Windows or Android attendance devices.

unlimited capacity

Unlimited capacity

NCheck Bio Attendance can store any number of attendance events, employees or employee biometric data depend on the attendance device or attendance management server memory and storage. It is easy to scale and upgrade.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

NCheck Personal ID can be installed and configured in employee own Android or iOS device to authentication employees using face detection and record accurate attendance events. NCheck Bio Attendance controls the employee attendance location and employee face verification.



NCheck Bio Attendance biometric attendance management software has been deployed in range of applications. These references are from our recent customers:

You can also request a customized biometric attendance management system or re-branded biometric attendance management system. Please contact us for more details.

Case Studies


Red Roses Public School Project

Red Roses Public School (RRPS) is one of the fastest growing schools in New Delhi, the capital of India. With staff spread across three locations, RRPS faced a number of administrative challenges, including accurately calculating time sheets, managing staff attendance, overseeing productivity and fully complying with auditing report requirements. The school evaluated several time and attendance systems in the market and ultimately selected NCheck Bio Attendance from Neurotechnology.

Read the full case study for RRPS here (PDF Document)

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You Check out the most interesting biometric attendance control system features in NCheck Bio Attendance. Our team will step you through all the basic attendance management system features and modern attendance management system features. You will notice that your employees can work with the system so easily. You can tell us about your specific needs, so we will make a customized biometric attendance management system demo that will address your company attendance system requirements. Fill your information and submit. We will contact you.

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