Biometric Student Attendance Monitoring System - NCheck Bio Attendance

Biometric Student Attendance Monitoring System

 The NCheck Biometric Student Attendance Monitoring system has been designed to benefit students, teachers and management alike, even when learning from home.

The NCheck Attendance system allows schools, colleges and universities to effortlessly manage, capture and analyse student attendance using the AI-powered biometric scanning of either the face, fingerprint or iris.

With attendance being intrinsically linked to education, it is vital for schools to have an efficient and accurate time and attendance system in place. This is especially true for education facilities that have students learning from home.

The system is a simple turnkey integration into your operations, ensuring your students are accurately registered whilst also removing bottlenecks in your school administration. Whilst the biometric technology offers advanced capabilities, the reporting and user interface is simple, intuitive and flexible around your administration requirements.

Key Features

The NCheck Bio Attendance system has a number of powerful features designed to help education institutions to accurately monitor and manage student attendance;

How does the NCheck Bio Attendance system work?

Both the Cloud based and On-Premise NCheck Bio Attendance systems have been designed to be easy to use for both the school and the pupil. Simply register, download and configure the system around your requirements, add your students, and start marking attendance!

*For fingerprint or iris identification, the system requires an external fingerprint reader or iris scanner, both of which can be purchased from

Why choose the NCheck Bio Attendance System for your Education Institution

Award-winning algorithms

The NCheck Bio Attendance system is powered by award-winning algorithms that are developed and supported by neural network specialist Neurotechnology. The company, founded in 1990 in Vilnius, specializes in the applications of neural networks such as biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence. This helps to ensure that the NCheck Bio Attendance system offers the most reliable and dependable solutions on the market.

How to use the NCheck Bio Attendance System

Cloud-Based Time and Attendance System

Monitor and manage your employees from anywhere, at any time, with the NCheck cloud-based biometric attendance system for Windows, Android and iOs.

On-Premises Bio Attendance System

Offline biometric attendance control and management system can be used locally, as well as on your server.

Client testimonials

  • Rajeev S.
    We are using this software for different locations and this is just work fines so far. I wish there are some more features, but ok for small and medium size organizations.
    Rajeev S.
  • Seema C.
    We are using this software in our school for taking attendance of staff and found very useful. This software register all our staff's detail and biometrics information quickly and we immediately started taking the attendance of our staff. We have been able track the absentee of our staff and late comers. We have been able to take the attendance report on daily basis very quickly without any trouble.
    Seema C.