Usually, in an organization, employees have to meet their guest who are coming to the office or any other location. Depending on the situation, this meeting may happen inside office premises (in meeting room) or any other location. For this scenario, NCheck Visitor Management can be used to set up a meeting schedule at the meeting location. Visitors can book appointments for this schedule time slot,  and employee can finish all meetings with visitors in a shorter time.

NCheck Visitor management system can be configured to send notifications on different events, for both employee and visitor. Such as notifying the employee when visitor checked in with the system. Then employee need to visit the specified location to meet the guest.

When using NCheck Visitor management system, employee can meet all visitors in shorter time period, because meeting visitors throughout the day is not practical, so employee may spend some dedicated time or their free time for that purpose. Also visitors can come and meet the employee, without been waiting in the office lobby area. So, both employee and visitor time is not wasted.

Use case example

  • 1secure-visitor Employee: Define time schedule
    Employee may decide the time slot and place that he/she wish to meet visitors. Then from the system create a schedule according to that.
  • 2secure-visitor Visitor: Place an appointment
    Visitors can check online and place an appointment to meet employee. Also if walk-in appointments allowed, visitor can place appointment from the registration kiosk.
  • 3secure-visitor Visitor: Check-in to the appointment
    After entering the premises, visitor can check-in with the system with their appointment ID. System can be configured to use a generated ID or a physical ID such as government ID card.
  • 4secure-visitor Progress and concluding
    The employee can come to meet visitors when notification is received. After the meeting, the visitor will check-out from the meeting place and the employee can mark the appointment as completed.

Quick start guide

Step-by-step guides are provided for you to start with the NCheck Visitor Management system

Key Features

The NCheck Visitor Management system has a number of powerful features designed to provide convenient and secure experience for all visitors while reducing the visitor management complexity and burden on employees. Our system has many features including:

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