Payroll integration

NCheck Bio Attendance products comes with built-in support for various payroll applications. NCheck Payroll API is able to export attendance data to your payroll system directly.

Integrating with Tally ERP

Tally ERP uses Attendance Voucher to record employee’s attendance data, based on Attendance/Production types (i.e. present or absent days, overtime hours, etc.). It is possible to enter the attendance records through a single attendance voucher or through multiple attendance vouchers for a payroll period.

Daily, weekly or monthly attendance records can be exported using Total Work Hours report. If the attendance data is imported in daily basic, it will create multiple attendance vouchers for a given pay period. If attendance data is imported weekly, monthly or in other user selected period, it will create a single attendance voucher for a given pay period.

Total Work Hours report can exported in to a CSV file. This guide explains how to create a Tally payroll data file using Total Work Hours report.

Before exporting:
  • Make sure that Tally system Attendance/Production Payroll units are defined in hours
  • In your Total Work Hours report work time should be displayed in “Hours” (Show time-> Hours)
  • Configure Total Work Hours report based on your pay cycle and payroll data import to the Tally system cycle:
    • For daily pay cycle, select “Sum by” daily and set “Start date” and “End date” to be the same.
    • For weekly basis, select “Sum by” weekly and set “Start date” and “End date” with 1 week difference.
    • For monthly basis, select “Sum by” monthly and set “Start date” and “End date” with 1 month difference.
Your report data should contain one record per employee in order to perform payroll export.
All employees in the exported file should exist in Tally system as well.


Export report as CSV file:
  • Open the file with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.
  • Delete all columns except “Name” and “Productive work hours”.
  • Add new column “Attendance/Production Type” after the “Name” column. Assign Attendance/Production Type name defined in the Tally System. E.g. Attendance.
  • Rename “Name” column to “…” (optional).
  • Rename “Productive work hours” column to “…” (optional).
To import overtime hours, use “Overtime work hours” instead of “Productive work hours” column.
  • Now save the file in Excel format and change the file extension to “TDL” to import to Tally system.

Some screenshots are provided below:

Payroll API (for advanced users)

API for integration with external systems is available. Using this API, following information can be obtained:

  • Users/Employees
  • Event logs

To get this information from NCheck system, the access rights should be granted to third party application. For more information regarding NCheck APIs please read this documentation section.