NCheck 5.2 (Bio Attendance and Visitor Management)

NCheck Bio Attendance

  • Embedding NCheck client with third party applications for custom requirements
  • QR code scanning for employee ID (Lite clients)
  • Manual event selection/capture start
  • Break time support
  • Face mask validation on access
  • Face ID (iOS Lite client) and Touch ID (Android Lite client) support
  • Biometric fast extraction and fast matching support for enterprise deployments
  • Auto detect wrong time in devices (misalignments in client time against server time)
  • Improved leave management
  • Auto compress default SQLite database
  • Check out reminder (Lite client)
  • Multiple user deletion

NCheck Visitor Management

  • Pass printing support with external applications
  • Notification message customization support
  • Visitor notes support with text, customizable form templates and images
  • Break time support
  • Multiple day events shedules and booking
  • RFID and barcode scanning
  • Multiple schedule support for overhead display
  • Clone a shedules and create a new shedule
  • Seat booking